Back in 2008, the American film director Randall Nickerson visited Southern Africa to gather information on his planned documentary based on “Zimbabwe’s Epic Alien Invasion” in 1994. For those of you unaware, around 62 children studying at the Ariel School (Ruwa, Zimbabwe) were allegedly confronted by extraterrestrial beings.

The Ariel School Alien Encounter: What Went Down?

Nickerson did an amazing job in explaining how the historic UFO encounter came to be. According to him, students were scattered around the playground enjoying their morning break. Then, they spotted a silver aircraft that was surrounded by four more. The main craft landed near the edge of the playground.

It would have definitely been a scary sight but little kids’ curiosity knows no bounds. Several kids walked to the edge of the ground.  Now here comes the interesting part and the reason why it’s important is that not one, not two but multiple students (who are now adults) had similar stories to share.

According to these younglings, they saw a small being walking on the craft. Another similar creature walked towards the children to confront them. As per various kids, the creature that came to them was wearing all-black and had big rugby-shaped eyes. 

But the story didn’t end there. The kids even went as far as describing the message that the “alien” wanted to convey. They said that the alien looked into their eyes and expressed its disappointment with how humans have treated Earth. If that didn’t sound creepy enough, the alien also issued a warning of what might happen in the future. Some students also noted how the mysterious being advised them not to let technology completely take over.

Since the students at school that day were aged between 8 and 12 years, it goes without saying that some of them were deeply scared by this incident. But it’s also interesting to note that several kids were quite excited after this confrontation.

Even though the teachers didn’t believe what the students told them, they were forced to take this matter seriously after various parents/guardians reached out to the school staff to find out what had happened.

Stay right at the edge of your seat because what comes next is something to take note of.

The Legitimacy of the 1994 UFO/Ariel School Story

To know more about what the students had gone through, the teachers asked them to draw what they had seen. Children were kept apart to ensure no plagiarism. To everyone’s surprise, almost all drawings turned out to be extremely similar.

The Legitimacy of the 1994 UFO

Soon after this fiasco, a BBC TV crew approached the Ariel School to acquire more intel. Also, John E. Mack (Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard) interviewed numerous children/witnesses. The South African producer Nicky Carter helped Mack in this project.

As per Carter, there was no reason to question the legitimacy of the children’s stories. The younglings were coherent and everything from their voice tone to body language strongly indicated that they weren’t making anything up.

As for Randall Nickerson, his goal was to make a documentary that contained the interviews of children from 1994 in addition to footage of what those kids had to add to their stories in 2008.

Nickerson said that he knew he had to approach this topic as scientifically as possible. The students, who by then had grown up, were living in different parts of the world such as New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA, etc.

And to Nickerson’s surprise, the witnesses’ stories had stayed the same after all those years. There’s no doubt that these people were heavily affected by this life-changing incident. However, it’s interesting to note that some people were incredibly thankful that they were at the school that day since the said experience, in one way or another, changed them for the better


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