Light objects flying across the sky in the dead of night or dark objects on a bright and sunny day often make people stop in their tracks and wonder what could possibly be flying above their head. People for centuries have deemed all these strange outstanding crafts to be products of extraterrestrial life. However, only a mere five percent of these sightings are unable to be explained by humans. It can not be ruled out that these objects may be crafts under intelligent control using technology humans have not yet discovered.

Are international governments colluding with the aliens? If not, why do they not tell their constituents what they know about these creatures? Leslie Kean wrote a book regarding these phenomena and objects of the sky titled “Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record” in which she discusses the fact that the government is not usually straightforward when these issues are presented. Many times information is vague and incomplete and they do not fully explain these sightings. This gives citizens reasons to speculate and consider what the government secretly knows about the flying objects. What do they have to hide?

Typically, flying objects in the sky are known as Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs. However, a group of “military, aviation, and political observers” deem it more appropriate and accurate to change the name to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAP. Author of the article, “What the CRAPS is the difference between a UFO and a UAP,” Michael Sterner, states he believes there is another category of flying extraterrestrial life which should be classified, known as CRAPS, Completely Ridiculous Alien Piffle. The Alien Piffle Sterner speaks of are likely untrue events regarding aliens, their effect on the Earth, and the people here. These events are situations such as crop circles, alien abductions, and possible alien-human hybrids. However, this is not to say there are no possibility of aliens and their existence within the Earth’s atmosphere.

What the CRAPS is the difference between a UFO and a UAP1

In Belgium, from the years of 1989 to 1990, many people reported seeing “majestic” triangular crafts, having wingspans of one hundred and twenty feet with beaming spotlights, hovering at times, and zooming off at intense speeds at others. These many sightings at different times throughout this year certainly raised some eyebrows. Speculators deemed these crafts could have been stealth bomber planes from either the Soviet Union or the United States, but since both nations were under oath to not reveal these military secrets, neither would accept these rumors to be true. Others assumed extraterrestrial crafts were the definite answer.

The rapid acceleration of these aircraft boggled the minds of citizens as if humans had the technological ability to create such crafts which could advance at miraculous speeds, why would they not use them for transportation and warfare? Additionally, the typical description of the flying crafts reflects that they are “black and triangular with light beams accelerating and hovering at intense speeds.” Since these characteristics are not associated with other objects that humans are used to, the explanation of these crafts is hard to come by.

Are these objects flown by creatures of extraterrestrial lands, or stealth bomber planes apart of a secret military expedition? Or is it a lost balloon from a child’s party? Maybe a bird who lost its flock? Though we may never know the answers, it is essential to consider the seemingly endless possibilities of what is flying through our atmosphere.


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