Roswell, New Mexico is famous for its 1947 UFO crash site. There are festivals, a museum dedicated to the incident, and now holds one of the most famous spots for UFO travelers. However, the event wasn’t popularized until the 1970s. During the time between the crash and gaining popularity, something peculiar occurred in Socorro, New Mexico.

A loud roaring and flame in the sky was reported by Police officer Lonnie Zamora while he was chasing a car during a high-speed chase at around 5:45 p.m. on April 24, 1964. He was distracted by this occurrence and noted it to be a “shiny whitish object, shaped like an “O” with legs.” He noted two beings the size of small adults were near the craft. However, as Zamora attempted to get near the ship, it began to rise into the sky and fly away. The craft was also noticed by five other witnesses in the area.

There is proof of this account as were are burn marks and indentations on the ground where the reported incident took place. This reliable and well-liked officer gained the support of his community, and almost everyone believed his story. Some, however, felt it may have been a hoax.

In 2017, there was no physical evidence that the landing occurred. A mere pile of rocks placed by humans at the alleged location is the only thing in the area. Dave Thomas, the President of New Mexicans for Science and Reason believes an alternate explanation as to what Zamora had seen that frightful night. Thomas has come to the understanding that the craft may have been a test of a “lunar surveyor” intended for a moon mission. In order to test the craft, the experimenters would have used a small helicopter to drop the craft, which is what the loud roaring sound could explain. Additionally, Zamora reported seeing a red symbol on the craft which looks eerily similar to the logo of Hughes Aircraft.

A book that discusses the incident of 1964 in Socorro, New Mexico was published in 2017, written by Kevin Randle. The book is titled “Encounter in the desert: the case for alien contact at Socorro” and mentions the incident, the AirForce investigation, and how the government attempted to shield the American people from the truth. An in-depth examination about the materials left on-site, physical evidence, what Zamora truly saw, and eyewitness accounts are all mentioned in this 288-page novel.

Though many believe that Lonnie Zamora did truly see and almost interact with aliens in 1964, science enthusiasts beg to differ. It is up to further investigation, personal debate, and beliefs to decipher for oneself what really happened in Socorro, New Mexico in April of 1964.


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