On a fine December morning in 1980, Vince Thurkettle was chopping woods in a remote forest in Suffolk. This happened to be his routine but never before was he confronted by two well-dressed men until that day.

So, the men requested Vince to answer some questions. They told him about the UFO sightings in the nearby forest reported by the United States Air Force (USAF) security personnel stationed close to RAF Woodbridge. However, Vince was quick to say that he didn’t see any strange phenomena between December 26 and 28. After asking about 20 questions and not getting any substantial answers, the gentlemen departed the forest.

UFO lands in Suffolk!

Was anyone able to solve the Rendlesham Forest UFO mystery1 2

Three years after the reported sightings, the said incident made the front page of the News of the World. The foundation of this story was the memo issued to the Ministry of Defense (MoD) by RAF Woodbridge deputy base commander, Lt Col Charles Halt.

Fast forward to today, there are still tons of unanswered questions about the sighting in question. From different books and articles to TV shows, the Suffolk UFO sighting has been discussed literally everywhere.

Not only that but even the forest boasts a dedicated UFO trail complemented with a colossal model replica of an alien craft. As for Vince Thurkettle, he only started to come across the rumors of the said sightings after he had been paid a visit by the two gentlemen. However, upon visiting the spot where the craft had been seen, he got disappointed. According to him, there was nothing in the forest that would signify the occurrence of such a prominent incident.

He said that as a countryman born and bred in the forest, he failed to see anything unusual and stated that he only came across some broken branches and burn marks on the trees. Vince referred to the scene as a “completely natural glade.”

Thurkettle’s theory

Vince proposed that the incident only occurred in the part of the forest from which it was possible to see the now-deconstructed Orfordness Lighthouse. Also, he doesn’t like when people claim that he was visited by secret agents.

According to renowned journalist Dr. David Clarke, who is credited for lobbying for the release of the MoD’s report on the Rendlesham incident, it’s highly likely that the visitors who confronted Vince came from a newspaper company.

He also claims that the initial sightings by USAF security guards has yet to be explained in its entirety. One of these guards was John Burroughs who stated that he first spotted a beacon in the forest from a considerable distance. He described the color of lights as green, orange, red, and white.

Burroughs’ story

Burroughs stated that as soon as one starts thinking that the story is over, something new pops up. He recently published a book titled Weaponization of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. In this book, he shared his research and details revealing the infamous UFO incident. According to Burroughs, it was caused by tests done in the jungle to harness an energy field for military use.

The more you know…

Let’s discuss Simon Weeden for a second now. Weeden, a Ministry of Defense official, happened to be the first person to investigate Lt Col Halt’s memo. However, he revealed that due to no explanation and no signs of a threat to air defense, the investigation was closed.

As per acclaimed writer Brenda Butler, the entire fiasco had something to do with the Cold War. She claims that the public will never get their answers regarding this incident due to a massive cover-up. According to her, the US may have found a Russian satellite. She stated that despite her desire to discover more details about the story, there’s no chance for someone to get to the bottom of it all.


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