The countdown of 180 days started when Donald Trump approved a $2.3 trillion worth stimulus bill to extend support for those affected by the coronavirus last year. This started a stopwatch of approximately 6 months for the American intelligence agencies to notify Congress of all the crucial information they have regarding UFOs. 

Yes, you read it right. Information regarding UFOs.

Americans are obsessed with UFOs for a long time. What many believed to be a joke or pure fiction has turned out to be true. The spokesperson of the National Intelligence Director has broken his silence and revealed that Congress has been interested in UFOs for quite some time. 

UFO evidences that have left the world perplexed

In April 2020, the Pentagon made public three videos showing an unusual aerial phenomenon. The US Navy also confirmed these UFO incidents and claimed that these events are real. Two of these videos were shot in 2015 while one was recorded in 2004. Captured by infrared cameras, the unidentified objects were seen flying. In two of the videos, service members couldn’t contain their emotions and appeared shocked by the speed of these UFOs. 

Moreover, the Federal Aviation Administration has also claimed that an unidentified entity had been seen flying over Arizona’s open airspace by three commercial pilots. The sightings were radioed-in by the pilots within minutes. The traffic controller also couldn’t verify the presence of any other airplane in the Arizona airspace at the time, when the unidentified flying object was sighted.

UFO evidences that have left the world

Though it is yet to be confirmed that what was sighted were actually UFOs, spectators are confident that they indeed were. In June 2020, it was voted by the Senate Intelligence Committee that the Pentagon and the intelligence community will share a detailed analysis of all these encounters. In August 2020, it was announced that a task force will be formed by the Pentagon for investigating UFOs and other unusual phenomena. 

This wasn’t the first task force formed by the Pentagon for analyzing aerial interactions with unidentified objects. Previously, the Pentagon launched a program for studying such incidents’ recordings to unravel the mystery. The program was launched on the instructions of the Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid in 2007. However, the government couldn’t continue to program after 2012 because of other pressing priorities that required government funding. 

Luis Elizondo was the head of that program and he openly claimed that the evidence his team had collected clearly showed that there is some form of life on Earth about which we don’t know yet. 

What’s going to happen after 180 days?

The Secretary of Defense and the National Intelligence Director have given the armed services and congressional intelligence committees a period of 180 days to submit an unclassified report regarding the unidentified aerial occurrences. The Intelligence Authorization Act of 2021 had this condition under the “committee comment” section.  

UFO intelligence and data gathered by the FBI

According to the Senate, the report must contain an extensive evaluation of UFO intelligence and data gathered by the FBI, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, and the Naval Intelligence Office.  

It is also suggested that the report must document details about the interagency procedure to make sure prompt collection, analysis, and reporting of data regarding all unknown aerial phenomena. It is also suggested that an official should be made responsible to oversee the entire process. In case of any potential threat to national security by UFOs, the report must be submitted to the federal government. 


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