Eight to ten glowing objects floating in the sky, undetected by any radar. Suddenly vanishing without a trace or evidence, these mysterious crafts were spotted by Lt. Fred Ringwald flying over the German-France border in 1944. The members of the crew did not speak out in regards to what they saw, fearing they would be judged by their peers for sounding crazy. However, as more sightings were seen, the men began to come together in agreement that this was certainly unusual.        

In December of 1944 more sightings came. Documented by a pilot, there were four or five flashing red and green lights that inexplicably disappeared as he approached the scene. On December 22, 1945, one aircraft crew flying over Hagenau, France reported: “two lights in a large orange glow, seeming to rise from the earth to 10,000 feet, tailing the fighter” for almost two minutes. The craft then seemed to “peel off and turn away, fly along with a level for a few minutes and then go out.” The objects seemed to be under simultaneous, perfect control at all times. Were these crafts being controlled by alternative intelligence?

The accounts of the sightings during World War II seemed very similar, almost ensuring the stories were not fabricated. However, a new craft was spotted soon after. “A wingless, cigar-shaped, glowing red” aircraft was spotted off the wing of a military plane before it flew off without a trace.

The witnesses of these mysterious events began to refer to the objects as “foo fighters,” in reference to the mid 1900’s comic strip “Smokey Stover,” in which the main character Smokey, a fire fighter, would often state, “Where there’s foo, there’s fire.”

Though these crafts and lights were unexplained and cryptic, possible explanations are not solely extraterrestrial intelligence. A feasible rationale of what these phenomena actually were was explained by author Renato Vesco who published Man-Made UFOs: 50 Years Of Suppression in 1994. Vesco stated these objects were likely Nazi secret weapons called a “feuerball,” or a fireball, which was “launched from the ground with the intent of distracting enemy pilots.”

According to the Newington War Museum, the “feureballs” were “psychological test weapons to gauge the Allied bomber crews response to the strange machines that defied explanation.” However, this is not a verified statement and it is still an uncertain phenomenon. Due to the fact that these crafts never showed up on any radar, could not be documented, and had the ability to accelerate and slow down at speeds that were relatively unheard of, the idea that they were extraterrestrial objects may not be so far off.

Richard Ziebart, historian for the nearby 417th Night Fighter Squadron, believes the reason as to why the fireballs were not showing up on the radars were because they were just that – balls of light. Radars can only detect solid objects.

Did the Nazis know these balls of lights were undetectable which is how they were able to remain a secret? Or are they truly extraterrestrial creatures flying spacecrafts unable to be detected by human technology? This adds to the question- are aliens among us having the ability to remain undiscovered for centuries?


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