In the early 1940s, the concept of “flying saucers” took the world by storm. Sightings of strange objects in the sky became the central plot of many movies, which sparked the curiosity of many alike.  It has always been an intriguing aspect of the history of the human quest to discover whether or not there is life on other planets and if any of it is identifiably intelligent the way we are.

The debate around the existence of these saucers is one that runs rampant even today. A school of thought dictates that there is a conspicuous presence of UFOs and alien visitors that the governments across the world don’t want us to know. UFOs have been making headlines for as long as one can remember.

The other school of thought propagates against the existence of such elements. According to several theorists, the existence of aliens and the presence of UFOs on Earth is a complete hoax. They argue that the thought in itself is bizarre and cannot be substantiated through any means.

Are UFOs only a figment of our imagination The Cometa report suggests otherwise1

There has been no solid confirmation about the implication of alien technologies or the existence of these unknown physical processes. However, there have been a few inexplicable incidents that have made even the best of theorists doubt their beliefs. A panel of scientists explored these incidents and reached the conclusion that although some of the sightings are supported by strong evidence they need to be explored further. The findings of the panel are known as “The Cometa Report.” After conducting an intensive study, the panel had concluded that the presence of evidence does not necessarily insinuate the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

My dear readers, if you have the slightest of faith in the existence of UFOs and other extraterrestrial elements, continue to read ahead. There may be several theories about how such happenings are just a figment of one’s imagination, but the real question is: how can you possibly ignore such incidents when there are countless stories supporting it?

Here are a few incidents that have been reported by several people from different occupations.

Extraterrestrial Elements x Pilots

In 1976, a French committee was set up to explore the unidentified flying objects file. Three French pilots who encountered UFOs came to testify before the committee. These testimonies were recorded in incredible detail, which has been summarized below for your convenience.

The first testimony was given by M. Giraud, a Mirage IV pilot who narrated a story where he saw a “real threat” while flying his aircraft. This threat was in the form of a glow, which made Giraud maneuver his aircraft in a manner that the glow was at an estimated distance of 2,000 meters.

Extraterrestrial Elements x Pilots

The second testimony was given by a fighter pilot, who wanted to remain anonymous. While flying his aircraft, he saw a projecting sphere right in front of him. The pilot was terrorized as he thought the sphere would collide with his aircraft. However, at the very last moment, the sphere diverted its track and avoided the aircraft by a slight margin. The pilot ended his exhilarating experience by mentioning two important observations. According to him, the sphere itself wasn’t very large, but it had a green-colored tail, similar to that of a comet. The experience in itself must have been nerve-racking for the pilot, but for readers, it certainly sounds like a sight to behold.

Another testimony was given by Jean-Charles Duboc, a captain of Air France, who saw an eerie phenomenon in the air. According to him, it initially looked like a “weather balloon” which was extremely large in size. However, the pilot and his staff were left awestruck when the alleged weather balloon transformed into a brown bell. That’s not all, the brown bell once again changed its shape and this time; it was in the form of a chestnut brown lens. When it changed shape, the object disappeared almost instantaneously from sight.

When we hear of this account now, it sounds like the object was more of a chameleon than a UFO. However, this is a real-life incident and it goes well to explain the existence of the UFOs.

Extraterrestrial Elements x Sightings from the Ground

Brace yourself for another interesting recollection of all the sightings that were seen from the ground.

The first phenomenon occurred in Antananarivo, which was seen by a number of people. Edmond Campagnac, the former chief of technical services for Air France came to testify before the committee. This incident occurred in the middle of the evening, where a “large green ball” was seen in the sky moving at high speed. At first, the witnesses thought that this was a meteorite. The observed phenomenon disappeared behind the hill and then reappeared after a minute. After reappearing, it made itself known to the audience by separating itself a little less than 40 meters out in the front. Having flown over the town, it departed in a westerly direction. The important aspect that came out of this account was a mind-boggling detail given by Campagnac. According to him, when the craft was flying over, shop lights went out and animals exhibited real terror.

Sounds more like an anti-climactic movie scene, doesn’t it? Much to your surprise, this is an incident that actually happened. How can we then dispute the existence of aliens?

Extraterrestrial Elements x Sightings from the Ground 1

The other incident was narrated by Jean-Pierre Fartek, who described a strange thing that he saw in the field. He and his wife described the object as having the shape of two superposed saucers. Moreover, he added that the upper portion was metallic gray whereas the lower portion was blue. The color difference was a clear indication of the difference between the upper and lower side of the craft. In addition to these observations, Fartek also added that the object was not making any noise, nor causing any turbulence on the ground either. The object apparently left the field in a horizontal direction, without leaving any trail behind.

Now my dear readers, you’d probably find yourself in a state of perplexity. I don’t blame you. After all, there’s so much information that you’ve been swamped with. You might be wondering if these incidents hold any truth to them or if they’re just well-constructed entertainment pieces.

To answer your question, these incidents are certainly real. Remember, we are currently in the 21st century where the world has evolved beyond our imaginations. These incidents represent only an iota of the actual episodes that have been reported. Thus, these stories aren’t just a figment of one’s imagination. Sure, you can call them conspiracy theories, but who said there’s no truth in conspiracy theories?

The debate surrounding the existence of UFOs and other extraterrestrial elements is ceaseless. However, with such concrete evidence in front of you, the choice on what to believe is quite clear. Isn’t it?


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