In recent years, commercial pilots have reported numerous UFO sightings in Canadian skies. Amongst the most notable of these incidents is the one that took place in 2016, when a Porter Airlines flight approaching Toronto suddenly encountered what the pilots described as a balloon-like object flying in the air. In order to avoid a collision, the aircraft had to dive suddenly, resulting in two flight attendants having injuries.

According to Daily Mail, another unidentified object in 2018, and the pilot reported it moving at the speed that no aircraft known to humans could match.

Incidents like these have been reported time and again in Canada over the past few years. The details and record can be accessed via the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Report System (CADORS), a database that records details of all incidents involving aircraft. It is maintained by Transport Canada on the federal level and is open to the public. With more than 300,000 reports of incidents of engine failures and passenger fights, users can also find multiple instances of UFO sightings by commercial pilots.

In a collection of UFO-related incidents gathered from the CADORS archive and various other sources, Vice World News mentions a “bright, white strobe-type light” that was simultaneously viewed by two WestJet flights in the whereabouts of Okanagan Valley, British Columbia on March 2017.

Even though records of various incidents exist on reliable sources, unfortunately, the details remain incomplete and unclear. A common reason behind this lack of completeness is the witnesses who are either too scared to share the complete account or hesitant to come forward in the first place. A statement by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) pilot, John Jock William, confirms this and discloses the reason behind the attitude:

Pilots are probably not reporting about 90 percent of the things they’re seeing, because they know it could have lengthy career implications”.

This reluctance on part of the pilots means that there is a possibility of an even greater number of UFO sightings than currently on record.

While this happens, reports of UFOs being spotted by various national and international flights over Canada have been popping up one after the other. And if this was not enough, incidents of UFO sightings all over the country have allegedly increased during 2020, according to the results of a survey quoted by CTV News, there has been a 46% increase in the sighting of unidentified objects, with 54% of these incidents concentrated around Ontario and Quebec.

Even though some of these UFO claims have been disregarded because the reported object turned out to be a plane or satellite, 13% of the sightings still go unexplained.

The link between increased UFO appearances and the pandemic appears to be a complex yet interesting phenomenon. Chris Rutkowski with Ufology Research in Winnipeg gave his view that maybe the COVID-19 situation led people to ponder more about their relationship to the universe and they are spending more time looking at the sky and considering the possibilities of extraterrestrial existence.

Regardless of the belief in alien existence, incidents of strange objects floating in the sky cannot be denied in the view of increased and repeated occurrences. Acknowledging the presence of UFOs does not necessarily mean accepting the idea of extraterrestrial life. It simply means agreeing to the fact that unidentified flying objects are present in the sky and their source and origin need to be investigated.


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