The pulsing, sharp emitting light and the persistent impairing symptoms sum up a terrible incident experienced by PFC Francis P. Wall and his soldiers while stationed near Chorwon, fighting in the Korean War. The soldiers were all set to destroy the nearby village in Chorwon which was 60 miles from North of Seoul, by bombarding it with artillery. But all their efforts went in vain when they encountered a strange sighting up in the hill area, which they described as it was like “a jack-o-lantern” coming gliding down their way, from across the mountain. But what was it? They couldn’t figure it out until they got attacked by it.

It was May 1951 and the Korean war had started one year ago. Under this stressful situation, what they saw and felt was the last thing the soldiers would want to experience.

PFC Francis P. Wall along with his soldiers had planned to bombard the village with their artillery but before they could completely execute their plan, they encountered an aircraft from the hills flying towards the village they just started attacking. Initially, it felt like an enemy plotted counter attack but no, it was something else.

The shocking part was when the mysterious aircraft landed in the village and made through the airburst of the artillery, narrated by the GIs who watched it. The unharmed aircraft surviving the explosion, shocked everyone.

It was further added by the soldiers that later, the strange object started to glow orange first and then it changed into pulse green-blue blazing light. At that moment, they got a clue that it’s not anything regular and they have to get rid of it as soon as possible. In this regard, Wall got on alert and asked his fellow commander to allow him to fire at that object and destroy it with his M-I rifle’s armor-piercing bullets. On firing, the bullets hit that strange aircraft and made the sound “ding,” Wall narrated. Nothing happened to the aircraft, except it shunted from side to side and started to behave erratically as its lights gleamed on and off.

From here all he could recall was a ray emitted by that aircraft in the form of waves and pulses, which could only be seen if it was pointed directly at you which otherwise was invisible. He portrayed the situation as, it felt as a searchlight searching for bodies sweeping around and flashing at you.

But it was no ordinary light that was just pointed at them but it actually made them feel a piercing and burning sensation as they were penetrated by the beam.

On seeing this, the men rushed towards the underground vaults and watched the aircraft pulling up in the sky with a force at a 45-degree angle and shot off at an unimaginable speed as it was never there.

After three days of the incident, the company men along with other staff were moved out secretly from a different route through an ambulance and admitted to the hospital immediately. After the medical treatment when the results came in, it was proved that the bodies of the men who were exposed to this incident, have excess amounts of white blood cells in their blood and suffering from dysentery. On this Richard F. Haines, former NASA scientist and UFO research expert, shared his two scents and said that these symptoms are very self-explanatory to him as he is a UFO researcher. He added that these are the effects of some kind of radiation (which is still unknown to us).

Even after the Korean war, which ended in July 1953, a vast number of men reported seeing unidentified objects that looked like flying saucers.

What could be the possible explanation of these sightings during the Korean War? Are these even real or it is something made up by the people? To resolve such mysteries, the US Air force in 1952 started a project also known as Blue Book but ended it in 1969 with the statement that they had found nothing suspicious. If there’s no such thing, then what was it that Francis P. Wall and his soldiers experienced? I guess, we have to wait until someone actually comes up with evidence.


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