Every now and then, news about a UFO sighting suddenly pops up and gives way to conspiracy theories. People try to come up with their own version of stories regarding the origin, truth, and existence of these unidentified objects. One of the many incidents revolving around the alleged spotting of a UFO took place in Hangzhou Airport, China during 2010. The reason this sighting cannot be brushed aside as a rumor or fabrication, like most others, is that it actually halted flight operations at the Xiaoshan Airport.

The UFO caught the attention of a flight crew that was making preparations to land the aircraft. Upon noticing the object, the crew immediately informed the air traffic control department, which allowed for timely redirection of 18 flights. Imagine how dire the consequences could have been if the control department had not received a notification on time.

When the news was revealed to the public, people started coming with their own explanations of what the object could possibly have been. Some feared it to be a US bomber coming to attack China while others believed it to be a test run of a new aircraft or missile being secretly developed by Chinese military. The question which arises is why do we then consider the possibility of the unidentified object’s link with the extraterrestrial world when alternative and more realistic probabilities like these exist.

The answer is that uncertainty allows for all sorts of ideas. Until the true nature of the object is identified, people will keep having doubts regarding its origin. Secondly, lack of any scientific evidence in this regard forces us to believe eye-witnesses and trust their word.

You might be surprised to find out that many residents of areas near the airport also reported viewing an object floating in the air around the same time that the airport closed down for operations. This adds credibility to the statement of the flight crew. Some of these people even shared UFO photographs on the internet and described that the object they viewed had a “comet-like tail.” It was also reported that the suspected UFO was completely immersed in golden light and emitted red and white rays.

However, the meteorological authorities are of the view that the pictures shared by the public seem to be depicting just ordinary light being reflected back from aeroplanes. This means that people excitedly linked the unusual view to the UFO upon hearing the news from the airport and other sources. In fact, some even lied and presented pictures that did not belong to the area or the incident in the first place. The hype made everyone want to fit in “the lucky crowd” that witnessed a UFO. However, the reality was soon exposed and these pictures were debunked or rejected as evidence. Therefore, the question whether the object which the flight crew viewed was a UFO or something else remains unanswered.

When will this question be answered?

According to the authorities, the presence of a UFO is being investigated but no conclusion has yet been derived. However, there are rumors that the identity of UFOs that repeatedly emerge on the skies every now and then has been disclosed but the government is purposely keeping information from the public because the entire episode has a link to military activities.

An alternative view

Some people believe that since the public interest in UFOs is so massive, it has become a norm for masses to start associating even a slightly different view or unfamiliar object with extraterrestrial existence. According to an article in NBC News, reporting a UFO sighting is much easier than actually proving or investigating it and that is probably the reason why the media has been playing an equal role in creating the unnecessary hype around UFOs.

To sum it up, there are high chances that UFOs may exist. However, considering every unfamiliar object as one of them and then spreading rumors without any research or evidence may make the matter lose its importance.


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