A UFO Detector Found In N.J. State Park!

A UFO detector was found in the middle of a N.J. state park, but what was it doing there?

There are few things police officers wouldn’t expect to find in the middle of a state park, and UFO detectors are one of them. Still, N.J. State Park Police say they found a UFO detector site on Saw Dust Pile Road in Tabernacle Township in Wharton State Forest. The device warranted a call from the explosive detecting K-9 unit, as well as the NJSPP Detective unit.

With UFO sightings going up during the pandemic, it may not be surprising that curious minds would want to take matters into their own hands and investigate. UFO detectors are normally an advanced detection device that capture unexplainable phenomena and movement in the sky, indicating detection with a loud beep along with a blinking light. The one police officers found in New Jersey, however, was a lot more simplistic.

Most UFO detectors have bright lights and circuit boards with sophisticated engineering. The lights are necessary to alert investigators of a UFO or other anomaly. Detectors work by reading magnetic interferences above the circular disk at the top of the device. Some even come with 9V wall transformers to keep the device powered- the one police found in New Jersey didn’t have all the bells and whistles.

According to NBC New York, the UFO detector was merely a pair of headphone wires plugged into a block of wood, as well as a can of soup. There is no indication of how this UFO detector was supposed to detect an alien spacecraft hovering in the sky, and police have yet to find the individual responsible to ask them. Either way, it was certainly not a work of technological genius.  

Police Find UFO Detector in New Jersey
Photo Credit: New Jersey State Park Police

While not dangerous, the detector did elicit a lot of wasted time for police officers, detectives, and a K-9, who ensured that the device was safe before properly disarming it. “Although human kind and the visitors to New Jersey’s State Parks appreciate an extra-terrestrial early warning device like this, we should not be finding them in our State Parks,” the police said in a Facebook post.

Police are unsure of how long the device was active in the State Park or whether the device detected any anomalies. They are, however, fairly certain that the device was not a gift from extraterrestrial beings, who might have left a device far more technologically capable than a soup can and a block of wood.

While plenty of Americans are curious about UFOs, the police do not want detection devices lying around. Instead, Americans will want to wait for the incoming Pentagon report that will shed light on recent UFO sightings over naval bases.


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