In the summer of 2019, strange events occurred near California’s Channel Islands. Mysterious “tic-tac” shaped drones followed U.S. Navy ships USS Kidd (DDG-100) and USS Rafael Peralta, swarming them from the air. At one time, it was noted that as many as six crafts were flying around a Navy ship. The drones were said to be flying at high speeds in low-visibility air, “performing brazen maneuvers” around the vessel. This prompted a high-intensity investigation due to the imminent security of the nation and those aboard the ship.

The investigation of the aircraft included aspects of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Navy, and the US Coastguard. The Chief of Naval Operations from the Navy was also involved in the examination, demonstrating just how serious the government was taking this. Luckily, the ship had documented almost every move and decision, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of the situation.

This past year, filmmaker Dave Beaty discovered the initial elements of the event that occurred. However, new documents show the intensity of the incident and the notion that similar events occurred around the same time. This information, including deck logs from the ship, was given via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Given this vital information, the investigators were able to place the USS Kidd and surrounding ships in their same position and evaluate what happened on this summer night.

Tic Tac UFOs Followed by Navy1

Around 10:00 pm on July 14, 2019, the ship’s crew began to notice UAVs, or unidentified aerial vehicles flying above. The technology on board the ship went into a state of restricted communications in order to optimize security and decrease electronic emission. Soon after the first sighting of the UAV, a red light was said to be flashing from the craft. It was noted in the log that the drone kept the same speed as the ship to maintain a hovering pace over the deck. This event occurred for around ninety minutes and was witnessed by neighboring ships as well.

The next night, the USS Rafael Peralta was the first to spot the drone at 8:39 pm. A mere twenty minutes later, the USS Kidd had witnessed the same thing. The ship’s logs demonstrate that the UAVs were changing in maneuvers, not simply hovering as they were the night before. The drones were said to be “dropping in elevation, and apparently moving forward and backward.” A Carnival cruise ship nearby radioed the Navy ships to note they also see the hovering crafts and lights. Three hours after the first sighting of the night, the ships were still unable to identify the reasoning behind the drones.

Investigators believed the drones may have belonged to ORV Alguita, but the ship denied any responsibility. Since the ORV Alguita did have drones on board, it was an initial possibility, but after further examination, was not accurate. The drones on board were not in the same dimensions and the location of the ship at the given time was not close to that of the Navy ships.

A thorough investigation of the anomalies was completed with no clear sign as to the origin of the crafts. Phone conversations and emails between high-ranking officials of the government prove the speculation regarding the event and their curiosity as to what the ships witnessed. High-technological sensors and detectors were insufficient in catching the drones, and the only proof is the human eye. This makes one think- are UVAs and UFOs so technologically advanced in comparison to us on Earth, making their detection almost impossible?


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