Don’t you find it disturbing that the UFO sightings over US military installations are increasing with each passing day? What’s the reason behind this sudden surge? People like to believe that these objects come from outer space and are operated by aliens. However, neither the government has confirmed anything about it nor any evidence that proves the theory has come to light. This brings us to one logical conclusion, that perhaps America’s adversaries are using these unidentified flying objects or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) – as they are now being referred to by the government – to spy on our military installations.

As disturbing as it may sound, that’s the only logical explanation Tyler Rogoway, Creator and Editor of The War Zone can come to. Jeremy Corbell obtained footage of pyramid-shaped UFOs flying over a US Navy Warship off the Southern California coast. The US Defense Department’s spokesperson, Sue Gough, confirmed the authenticity of the video to Futurism and said that the US Navy personnel captured this video. Gough also explained that since these incidents are under investigation, for security purposes she cannot disclose any additional information with the public fearing that it might be used by the country’s adversaries.

The formal acknowledgment by the government about the existence of UFOs indicates the failure of ignoring that America’s adversaries like Russia and China might be using low-end UAVs to gather intelligence, which they can use during any conflict. Tyler Rogoway’s conclusion is based on the fact that most of these UFO sightings were reported near secret US military bases. Tyler’s theory makes sense to many as recently Iran’s State TV has also released drone footage hovering over the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier (CVN-69).

Tyler thinks that disregarding the fact that America’s adversaries might be using low-end UAVs is a mistake. But then the question arises why would any country do that considering that if detected, it might be considered a hostile act?

In response to this Tyler said that the combat drills in the country usually involve testing full operational capabilities, which otherwise are kept secret. “The gross inaction and the stigma surrounding unexplained aerial phenomena as a whole has led to what appears to be the paralyzation of the systems designed to protect us and our most critical military technologies, pointing to a massive failure in U.S. military intelligence” Tyler commented.

The video released by the Department of Defense is not the first time that the military encountered an unidentified object. There have been many incidents in the past where UFOs were seen flying over America’s East coast – where the country conducts many secret military drills. The aircrafts were reported to be multi rotor UAV or missile-like drones that fly up in the flight levels at high altitudes. 

Tyler did acknowledge that the origin of many UAPs is still unknown, even after thorough investigations by the authorities. But he doesn’t want to accept that aliens are involved in it and believes that these are low-end balloons or drones operated by Russia or China that the country keeps on ignoring. But how can one explain similar UFO sightings in other countries? For now, we should not exclude the possibility that these unknown crafts are coming from our adversaries.


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