Numerous UFO videos have been making rounds on the internet for quite a while now. By this point in time, most of us are aware that UFO refers to Unidentified Flying Objects. The question however arises that how many, and which of these videos are real. For this purpose, the United States Department of Defense has officially released three such videos that were initially broadcasted by a private company; to The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences. Since the controversial subject left the masses doubting the authenticity of these videos, the Pentagon re-released them formally so as to confirm their veracity.

These videos display unidentified objects flying haphazardly, but at an extremely high speed. Perplexed reactions and confused comments of service crew members can be seen and heard in the background. During an interview with CNN in April 2020, the Pentagon spokesperson Sue Gough explained that the decision to make these videos public was taken after careful consideration of the fact that they do not reveal any sensitive information which can be detrimental to the safety of the country`s military air space.

In view of the evidence presented by these videos, pilots have now been instructed to instantly report a sighting of any object that could be classified as a UFO. In fact, specific reporting guidelines have been established by The Navy. However, previously, such instances used to leave the pilots baffled and confused because the occurrences were sudden and unexpected and the phenomena were not as widely discussed and well-known as it is today.

David Fravor; a retired US Navy pilot who allegedly viewed a UFO in 2004 reported many years later that the movement of the object was so rapid that he could not even explain in words what it was like. However, it disappeared after only a few seconds.

Maybe the reason that Pentagon is taking so much interest in UFO videos is that it has been previously trying to study such recordings in detail, so as to understand this phenomenon. In fact, it had a classified learning program built around this idea. The program was initiated in 2007 but terminated in 2012 due to the reallocation of resources.

The Pentagon releases UFO videos Aliens are a reality

It must be kept in mind that the release of videos is only going to help in raising awareness and generating interest towards this area. If the government is really concerned about any security threat or scientific advancement resulting from UFOs, it needs to invest ample resources into research regarding this topic. This is particularly important because unexpected appearance of such objects can cause hindrances in air traffic and result in plane crashes, thus endangering the lives of pilots and passengers alike.

Since these videos have been shared, there has been great excitement amongst the masses as it signals a possibility that aliens are a reality. This is something that most of us have only fantasized about since childhood. However, some experts say that certain scientific reactions or earthly events may be the reason behind such unusual sightings and they do not necessarily have to be extraterrestrial beings. Only time will reveal the exact nature of these unidentified objects. Till then, all we can do is wait and watch!


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