Did you know many of the famous and unusual UFO sightings were reported in New England and have not been fully explained?

New England history is filled with unusual encounters and sightings of UFOs. Here are some famous moments:

1. First UFO Sighting

In 1639, James Everell sighted a UFO in the Boston sky for the first time. He recalled seeing a light shining that flamed up after some time and spread around three yards. Later it ran in the form of a swine figure towards Charlestown. Then Everell was allegedly transported one mile upriver along with his boat mates, and he doesn’t remember how that happened.

2. Cynthia Everett

A Massachusetts school teacher, Cynthia Everett sighted a strange light in Maine. The light first looked like a meteor but its fast speed made her think otherwise. The light constantly descended and ascended at a fixed distance and seemed to be present in the air.

3. East Mountain Radar Base

The North Concord Air Force Station was the Vermont radar base made during the Cold War. The station employed 175 men who sighted something strange in 1961. This strange object appeared in the East Mountain skies for around 18 minutes, enabling everyone to witness and be baffled.

4. Betty and Barney Hill

This is the most famous UFO sighting in history. In 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were driving towards their home at night when they saw what seemed like a shooting star. When they stopped the car and used binoculars, it looked like a strange craft with multi-colored lights flashing. When they got scared and started to race the car, the craft started to follow them and descended very low over Hills’ car. The couple also said that they heard some beeping and buzzing sounds before they blacked out.

5. Exeter Incident

In 1965, a policeman encountered a car with a breathless woman inside while he was patrolling around Route 101. She claimed that she saw an unidentified flying object that had been following her with red lights flashing. Some hours later, a hitchhiker came to the police station of Exeter and told about how he saw a series of 5 very bright lights shining over a particular house. He also said that those bright lights kept on moving, disappearing, and reappearing several times. Over a few weeks, around 60 people reported seeing UFOs near Exeter.

6. Harold Trudel

Harold Trudel was traveling in 1967 when he witnessed an unidentified object several times. He stopped his car on the Wrentham Road and saw a dome-shaped, metallic object hovering over the nearby power lines. He took seven pictures, which became very famous.

7. The Allagash Abductions

Four college students from Massachusetts were canoeing on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in 1976 when they saw a strange object in the Maine sky. Their experience was not given any serious consideration by others. So they stopped talking about it. After several years, Jim Weiner, one of the four guys, started having uncontrollable seizures. He reported seeing humanoids flying above him and poking needles in him at night. When all four of the men were hypnotized, they said they were abducted by aliens and taken into a spacecraft where several medical examinations were performed on them.


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