Politicians Bill and Hillary Clinton have publicly spoken out about their stances on Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs. During her run for office for United States President in 2016, Hillary Clinton stated that if elected, she would “open up the X-Files” and release information on Area 51, a location in Nevada believed to be where the government keeps secret files regarding extraterrestrial life. 

Hillary Clinton has had a history of making remarks regarding the subject. She explained in an r2016 radio interview 2016 that she needs to see more of the data surrounding the claims about what people see flying around. “There are enough stories out there that I don’t think everybody is just sitting in their kitchen making them up.” Clinton also stated to The Conway Daily Sun, that she will “get to the bottom of it,” and believes we may have already been visited by this extraterrestrial life.

Clintons on Extraterrestrial Life1

Wanting to be a NASA astronaut when she was younger, Hillary Clinton has always had an interest in space and the great unknown. She was seen in 1995 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with billionaire philanthropist Laurance S Rockefeller carrying a copy of “Are We Alone?: Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life,” by Paul Davies. Rockefeller is known for his interest in extraterrestrial life as well, pressuring the U.S. Government to release classified files regarding an alien spaceship that crashed in 1947 on U.S. soil.

Bill Clinton also does not reject the idea of UFOs, stating in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in 2014 that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if Earth were to be visited by aliens someday. Clinton hypothesized that maybe the only way to unite this divided nation of ours is by the threat of alien life.


The notion that Hillary Clinton believes in the possibility of UFOs and extraterrestrial invaders helped her gain support in her 2016 election. Stephen Bassett, who lobbies the government on extraterrestrial issues, was excited that Clinton’s stance would allow the U.S. to finally obtain insight on “life beyond Earth.” The time to “pull back the curtain on the topic is long overdue,” as stated by John Podesta, American political consultant and Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff during his presidency.

According to an interview conducted by the Pacific Standard in 2018 with Steven Bassett, he exclaims that he believes aliens are on Earth and have been seen landing, but much of the information cannot be confirmed. Data regarding whether they have bases here or are living amongst us is still up in the air. Bassett stated that the “contact phenomena,” or people being contacted by extraterrestrial life, is extremely complicated and “cannot be addressed until post-disclosure.” The presence of alien life is a matter of national security, which is why the details of the subject are kept under wraps so tightly.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have had a history of interest in extraterrestrial life, UFOs, and unknown aerial phenomena. Since Hillary didn’t win the Presidential election of 2016 and is not in office, will we ever uncover the truth about the “X-Files” or Area 51? Who will be the one to uncover the truth, and when will it be? Investigations regarding the world different from our own will continue to be sought after until the answers are found.


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