The deeper we delve, the more we find. Such is the scenario with the plight of legitimacy relating to the existence of UFOs and aliens.

The tale of the ‘little green men’ in Kentucky, dating back to the night of August 21, 1955, is one out of the innumerable claimed occurrences of the closest alien encounters that draw nearest to the gremlin pictures we have in mind of the extraterrestrial beings.

With their consternated appearance before the Hopkinsville police station in Kentucky at 11 p.m., the incident of an alien siege at their farm by the Suttons was worth believing and indisputable as per police officials – leave alone all other facts that may or may not have been accepted. 

Genuinely terror-struck, the 11 witnesses testified to an incredibly bizarre encounter with mysterious beings that appeared on their farmland and attempted to intrude into their house during night time. The Suttons claimed that the encounter was of several hours.

As per details, around 7 p.m. on Sunday, Billy Ray Taylor while fetching water observed a silvery flying object above their farmland that slowly hovered, halted, and then fell on the ground close to the house. Others initially didn’t believe his tale and laughed it off. However, it was a matter of time that the continuous barking of the dog alerted them of something unusual happening – the appearance of the little green men. That was the time the Sutton’s saw in real, a 3 ½ feet tall living being whose body mysteriously emitted an eerie metallic gleam.

Tale of the Little Green Men at Kentucky1 1

Soon 2-3 more little green men appeared with a close call of touching or grabbing one of them while they were in self-defense. The Suttons’ claimed to have fired shots at the aliens, whose shells were recovered upon later investigations. Nevertheless, no other trace of any external or mysterious equipment or blood was found.

The reported incident created a frenzy nation-wide and was aired on radio and the witnesses were interviewed to get a comprehensive insight into what actually happened. This is where the eyewitnesses drew the real-time physical appearances of their unwanted extraterrestrial guests (the little green men).

According to the investigators, it was a letdown that no physical evidence could be traced to endorse the claim of the frightened family whose fear and concern could not be overlooked even for a second.

Isabel Davis’ 200-Page Report Published after Decades

While the incident of the little green men was not paid special heed to by the Air Force investigations, a thorough investigation was conducted by Isabel Davis in 1956. Her report was regretfully published decades later by the Center for UFO Studies, a group established by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who happened to be a civilian investigator of the Project Blue Book. It was a 200-page report that gave comprehensive documentation of Sutton’s experience comprising their interview details, police versions, thorough maps, documentary records, drawings, and other related incidents, which all hinted at the existence of aliens and UFOs.

Isabel, based on her findings, was convinced that the incident of the Suttons was no hoax or fueled for a few minutes of fame – though with unwanted public crowding at their farmland, the family did start charging entrance fee for people to see the ‘visited area’.

While on the other hand in 2006, the findings of the report were scrutinized by Joe Nickel, a senior researcher of the International Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, who managed to root out the resemblance of the little green men similar to the exaggerated account of Taylor’s UFO sighting giving no special heed to what had happened.

The Sutton family resided in the rural hamlet of Kelly, Kentucky in a lifestyle that was devoid of the basic means of communication and digital access such as radio, TV, telephone etc. Police Chief Russell Greenwell told investigators that such people were not the type who rushed for assistance from police but the type who would pick up the guns and nip the issue in the bud, yet here they were towards the middle of the night scared out of their wits. The heartbeat of one of the witnesses who turned up was recorded as 140 beats per minute by an investigator.

As fictional as it may seem, history has documented evidence of investigation relating to the baffling incident, which as per records also got noticed by the US Air force and was marked in the Project Blue Book.  Unfortunately, it did not get inspected as per official documents on record.


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