Marco Rubio . Senator Speculates that the Pentagon UFO report regarding UFO sightings will miss its June 1st deadline.

Conversations surround UFOs have reached national news as of late, as the former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, opened up about UFO sightings. The “unidentified aerial phenomena” do not necessarily entail little, green aliens or “Independence Day” extraterrestrials ready to annihilate Earth, though. Instead, Ratcliffe explains that these sightings are, simply-put, objects that engage in difficult-to-explain actions such as movements that are hard to replicate and point towards the use of technology not yet achieved by the United States.

The presence of these UFOs, especially over military bases, and other locales with sensitive information, could be explained by foreign countries utilizing powers unknown to U.S. sensors.

John Ratcliffe told Fox News that he intended to declassify the report during his time but was unable to get the information ready. In the same conversation, Ratcliffe explained that although it is still worrisome, the UFOs are most likely foreign entities using technologies further down the road than previously thought or realized, leading to images of small objects that appear to be unexplainable.

Currently, the Pentagon was tasked by the Senate Intelligence Committee to prepare a detailed overview of the UFO mystery, and time is almost up for them to make the report. The Pentagon program tasked with investigating UFOs is called the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, or UAPTF, and they are finding the strict deadline difficult to meet.

Senator Marco Rubio was recently interviewed on the subject, as he has been known to voice his worries regarding UFOs. In a TMZ report, Marco Rubio was sighted with being on board with the government getting to the bottom of flying objects buzzing over military bases.

The potential for aliens spying on U.S. military endeavors is worrisome, but not as worrisome to Senator Rubio as other countries gaining valuable military intel, which, in his words, “would be bad news”.

In Maria Bartiromo’s interview with Marco Rubio, the Senator warned that the Pentagon might not meet the June 1st deadline to submit their report, but he explains that it is very natural for government agencies to push things back. As of now, several UFO sightings have been declassified and made public, and a spokesperson for the current Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told Politico that they “are aware of the requirements and will respond accordingly.”

Senator Rubio made a number of interesting remarks to the Fox News reporter, revealing in one that there have been “a lot more sighting then have been made public”. He speculates that foreign adversaries are privy to, or have obtained technologies more advanced then previously realized, which makes the objects seem ‘alien-like’. 

Most notably, the Senator addresses the stigma surrounding UFO sightings, explaining that when Navy pilots report what they’ve seen, they required to be tested by a flight surgeon, who check their head to ensure sanity. The stigma that is created limits reported sightings, or delays report so there is little-to-no evidence to run off of. Senator Rubio shares his hopes for the stigma to “go away”. The interview ends with a comedic reprise from Maria Bartiromo, referencing “little ETs running around,” but Senator Rubio steps in with a far more serious final remark. He says, “we need to start finding out,” a sentiment most people might agree on


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