As eerie and farfetched it may sound, there have been innumerable claims about sightings of extraterrestrial entities exhibiting paranormal activities within the ambit of Earth for decades. From having witnessed eccentrically high technological space crafts to close encounters and even reported abductions, the apprehensions of something alien definitely run chills down the spine. Though there have been countless attempts to unravel the strange phenomenon, Project Blue Book is one of the longest US official endeavors in this regard to have delved deep to explore and determine the underlying credibility of the mystical aerial appearances and activities.

UFO sightings: Beyond comprehension but credible

Taking a chronological flashback into the past incidents, we have credible individuals and institutions who have officially declared sightings, which apparently are beyond comprehension and explanation. However, these are factual personal experiences to which we cannot turn a blind eye.

In 1947, Kenneth Arnold, a businessman, affirmed having sighted a cluster of 9 fast-pacing flying objects during his flight near Mount Rainier in Washington. This was later followed by a bizarre report of a crashed UFO within close vicinity of the US Army Base in Roswell, New Mexico that triggered great hysteria. A similar event can be traced back to 1948 whereby a local correspondent S.E. Hayden sent pictorial evidence of a crashed UFO and a presumed alien corpse for publication in the newspapers in Dallas and Fort Worth.  Increasing cases of mystical sightings led to a series of initial investigations by the US Air Force under Project Sign in 1948 which was later replaced by Project Grudge. 

Project Blue Book: 12,000+ assertions of the unknown

The cumulative claims pertaining to the enigmatic UFO sightings on one hand were skeptically viewed by some as being Russian aircraft, but treading on grounds of cause and reason, the US authorities / Army started looking at these incidents neutrally. The need of the hour was fulfilled by the establishment of Project Blue Book in 1952, which over a short span of time received and investigated a soaring number of claims regarding unusual aerial detections.

Project Blue Book Delving deep into mystical aerial appearances1

Within a span of 17 years, it logged more than 12,000 bizarre assertions of the unknown. The project categorized the claims into two major sub categoriesed as “identified” (human-caused / having reason and explanation) and the “unidentified” (having no sound reasoning or explanation). In 1953, the high rate of public concern over UFO sightings led to a three-day discussion between the US Army officials and H.P. Robertson (CIA) in which pictorial and video evidence were brought to the table as endorsements, but were rendered futile in gaining the confidence of the committee.

‘Learned Masses’ cease to learn about an another form of life

Though there are UFO investigators that presented evidence such as Richard Haines (California); Illobrand von Ludwig (Germany); Mark Rodeghier (Chicago); Erling Strand (Ostfold College); Michael Swords (Western Michigan University) and Toulouse (France) among others but to no avail. The recurring sightings and reamed evidence have not been able to convince the majority of the learned masses as they cannot produce physical evidence. However, it does not in any way imply that there is no reality to the surreptitious phenomenon observed on and off for decades.

Let us not overlook the fact that the world itself is highly mysterious and every day we get to learn something new that is astounding and incredible. So, why be so diffident to accept the existence of life beyond Earth that is apparently and continuously making its presence known.


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