Prince Philip and UFOs are generally not topics you would associate with one another. But it turns out that the Duke of Edinburgh loved researching UFOs and extraterrestrials. He even subscribed to UFO magazine and Flying Saucer Review!

Philip, 99, passed away Friday, April 9, sending Queen Elizabeth into mourning for two weeks. While preparations are made for his funeral, many are reflecting on the incredible journey he took throughout his life. One point of interest recently revealed is that Prince Philip was a sucker for the paranormal, using his resources and focus to investigate UFOs, aliens, and the unexplained.

According to Page Six, the Duke of Edinburgh developed an interest in UFOs from his uncle Lord Mountbatten. In 1955, the lord wrote an official report about a spacecraft that allegedly landed on his estate in Romsey, Hampshire.

From that early inspiration, Philip’s fascination with UFOs never ceased, and he gave Sir Peter Horsley, his former assistant, a senior Royal Air Force commander, “carte blanche” to acquire stories about UFOs.

Horsley would later describe his own interest in UFOs in his autobiography, “Sounds From Another Room.” According to Page Six, Horsley describes the birth of his fascination from 1949 to 1956, while he was Philip’s equerry.

In the book, Horsley reveals a story about a close encounter with an “alien” in London in 1954. He was asked to bring witnesses to Buckingham Palace for private discussions with the Duke himself.

Lord Mountbatten, Philip’s uncle, had filed a report of a UFO sighting in 1955, which was uncovered after his death in 1979, according to The Sun.

The report was about how Fred Briggs, his bricklayer, had a close encounter on the Lord’s Broadlands estate in Romsey, Hants.

Since then, Prince Philip has spent years collecting books on the subject to add to his library. According to Vanity Fair, he consistently brushed up on his knowledge of sightings by reading The Halt Perspective.

The recent developments in the case of the Pentagon’s report of UFO sightings over naval bases might have sparked intrigue in the late Duke, as the United States awaits the release of information by the government.

Prince Philip wasn’t alone in his fascination with UFOs and the prospect of strangers invading Earth’s skies. UFO sightings have reportedly gone up since the pandemic, as the world is put on pause and people have more time to glance up at the clouds.

There have also been more and more government officials speaking out about UFOs and other unidentifiable aerial phenomena.


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