In June of 2019, The National Weather Service (NWS) released a number of unanswered questions on Twitter regarding mysterious orbs that were surrounding the Kansas City sky. NWS’s office in Kansas City later tweeted, “We honestly have no explanation for the floating objects over Kansas City.” With the uncertainty of the mysterious flying objects circling around social media, the orbs became a popular topic of conversation as individuals began to come up with their own, original theories about where the objects came from, what they were, and who was controlling them. KMBC released a photograph of two orbs spotted near the Kansas City (KCI) Airport and included a video on YouTube which showed footage of the floating objects overhead.

After seeing photographs and videos, there were many theories that suggested the object was most likely some kind of balloon. KMBC claimed that the objects “may have been from either Google or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).” A few days prior to the sighting of these floating orbs, the DARPA had launched three balloons in Maryland. DARPA tweeted, “Last night, DARPA launched 3 balloons from Cumberland, Maryland, in a flight test for the Adaptable Lighter Than Air prgm.” Apparently, the goal of DARPA’s balloon program was to produce a vehicle that is “lighter-than-air” and can move through long distances while changing elevation based on a number of different wind profiles and speeds. In addition to balloons, DARPA has also been involved in projects with “high-energy lasers to stop missiles, flying trucks, packs of robotic animals for the battlefield and bullets that can change direction,” according to Business Insider. However, it is interesting to think about DARPA’s involvement with the Pentagon, as it is in the Pentagon’s “mad science division.” With that being said, there’s definitely something to be said about the Pentagon’s history of shadiness with UFO phenomena and its relationship with DARPA and the balloon program. Could they have something to do with one another?


In addition to DARPA’s balloon program, some theories suggested that the balloons could be Google Loon balloons. Loon was created by Google with the hopes of spreading Internet connectivity through balloons that fly above the Earth’s ground. Loon balloons fly at higher altitudes in order to prove more rural areas across the country with greater Internet access.

There were many responses to NWS Kansas City’s tweet. One response was, “Please, if they say ‘Take me to your leader,’ lie to them.” Another was, “Please be the Mothership.” Some responses even included pictures and memes regarding aliens and extraterrestrial life. It was later found that the balloons that were released from DARPA happened to be flying over Kansas around the same time as the floating objects were seen, so individuals were confused later on about which theories they should actually believe. With so much confusion and uncertainty about these floating orbs, Kansas City residents are eager to find out more information and are hopeful about finding out the truth sooner or later.


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