With the American public waiting for the declassification of unexplained UFO reports by the Pentagon and the recent increase in speculation regarding aliens or other foreign threats, discussions about UFO sightings have run rampant across the internet.

With viral videos, like Senator Marco Rubio pleading with the government to identify unidentified aerial phenomena, those intense conversations don’t seem to be faltering. And while the U.S. government explains that those strange UFO sightings are foreign powers with technological advancements beyond our own (which is a scary thought in itself), there are still compelling stories of UFO sightings that cannot be explained. The truth that lies somewhere within them might hold answers to our biggest questions.

The Birth of ‘Men In Black’:

The hit pop-culture phenomenon that sparked movies, comics, and even a theme park ride has very different origins from other popular fictitious stories. Why? Because it may not be as fictional as we were led to believe…

On June 27, 1947, Harold Dahl spotted six donut-shaped obstacles hovering over his boat while he and his son were on a conservation mission near Washington’s Maury Island. According to History, the sighting was followed by metallic debris raining from the sky that left Dahl’s son injured and killed his dog. After showing the pictures he took to his supervisor, Fred Crisman, Dahl was visited by a man in a black suit at a local diner.

After the threat-filled conversation with the man in black and the U.S. government deeming the story a hoax, Dahl and Crimson reached out to a Chicago magazine. The editor called a pilot with his own alleged UFO sighting, who then sent two officers to investigate Dahl’s story. After they had come to investigate, their plane caught fire and crashed, killing both officers- quieting the UFO conspiracy forever.

The “False Alarm”:

During the height of World War II, about 12 weeks after the Pearl Harbor bombing, people described a large object in the Los Angeles sky. Fearing it was the Japanese, the American soldiers issued a city-wide blackout and fired shells at the object for hours. When daytime arrived, the object was gone, and the wreckage was never found. While the Japanese government denied the attack, the U.S. government stated that it was a false alarm. A false alarm caused widespread panic and the firing of artillery…

The Advanced Technology:

As reported by Live Science, UFO sightings will be declassified on June 1 by the U.S. government. This one in particular has the Pentagon hunting for answers. There isn’t any widespread information about the objects’ origins, nor how much of a threat they pose, but the frightening truth is that the object broke the sound barrier without a sonic boom. This sort of technological advancement is unlike anything the American military has ever seen, and produces a worrying truth about steal operations over American soil, whether by foreign countries or a different threat entirely.

The Crowd Pleaser:

During a local soccer game in Florence, Italy in 1954, nearly the entire crowd was entranced by an object floating in the sky. According to Science Focus, nearly 10,000 fans were all looking upwards at the UFO, which was later described as “cigar-or egg-shaped along with silvery-white threads falling from the sky.” Samples of this strange craft were found and studied by scientists at the University of Florence, and the elements found making up the specimen did not match the rational story told to cover up the UFO sighting. Whereas the public was told it was a case of spiders spinning webs high above the stadium, like the recent sightings of raining spiders, the examination of the samples did not match the elements found in normal silk webs.

There are still plenty of stories that are unfathomable given what we know about the world. Hopefully one day the essence of what is real will be leaked, and humans will have a better understanding of the inner workings of their Universe. But until then, we are left with these- stories of the unexplainable.


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