In Japan, new protocols have been implemented by the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) regarding what should be done when coming into contact with a UFO (unidentified flying object) that could possibly put the national security in jeopardy.

Taro Kono, the then Defense Minister, talked to the press regarding what should be done if a military member encounters a UFO. He said that any unexplained happening should be visually recorded, so the footage can be extensively analyzed. The government has also issued orders for the military to gather details about the public sightings of UFOs.

Incredible UFO sightings Japan orders military pilots to report the encounters2

The Defense Ministry Office claimed that so far the SDF has not encountered any UFOs. However, Greg Sullivan, a famous UFO researcher expressed great disappointment at such ignorance portrayed by the government. Greg Sullivan heads the Japan Centre for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (JCETI). According to his knowledge, the Japanese pilots had a minimum of six encounters with UFOs and the government had already received extensive reports on that immediately.

Moreover, Sullivan also asserted that multiple civilians in Japan have also sighted UFOs on many occasions. Although the reports of those UFO sightings were filed along with all the necessary information, the government previously was not aware of what should be done about it.

Greg Sullivan interviewed many people and one of them was Mamoru Sato. Sato was the Air Self-Defense Force’s wing commander. He also collected testimonies from other pilots as well who sighted UFOs. Sadly, his authentic information was ridiculed by the government and his words were not taken seriously by the authorities.

Sato himself saw an unidentified flying object that looked like a saucer. Before he could analyze anymore, the UFO flew away at great speed. This incident was also witnessed by the whole squadron of pilots present at the airbase when the highly reflective UFO moved at astonishing speed.

Incredible UFO sightings Japan orders military pilots to report the encounters1

For UFO encounters, Japan happens to be a hotbed. In January 2014, a whole group of people in Okinawa witnessed mystery lights flashing in the sky. In July 2015, 10 white globes were reported by the public to be flying above Osaka. In November 2016, the locals sighted a flashing orb of green colors in the Niigata skies.

Many skeptics choose to believe that UFOs don’t exist and that the previous sightings were just mere mysteries. Many of those skeptics are present in the government who claim that there must be some alternative explanations of those UFO sightings. They say that just because an aircraft is unidentified, it doesn’t automatically make it a UFO.

However, this ignorance is coming to an end as the UFO encounters are increasing with time. It is believed by many scientists in Japan that the country is considered a hub of intelligent and intellectual life forms, which is why UFOs visit it from outer space.

Greg Sullivan maintains that four of the tectonic plates meet in Japan, which is why it is more prone to volcanic activity. It was also found out that UFO sightings tend to be near volcanic areas throughout the world. It is now hoped that more military personnel come forward to report about what they saw instead of holding back the truth. This way, the government would be able to educate the public about the other reality of this universe.


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