The concept of UFO is not new. Over the course of years, people have been reporting that they have seen unidentified flying objects. The seemingly disk-like entities have also been witnessed in Roman and Greek literature as well. 

However, the highly interesting concept of UFO officially took off in the 20th century. This was a time when different countries were secretly devising high-technology aircraft and time rockets. Some of the witnesses confused advanced technological creations with UFOs while other numerous instances make us believe else wise. The Belgian wave of UFOs is a significant one in this regard.

ufo sightings wave

The first time when the UFO was sighted was a cold November of 1989 at the Eupen town, located 7 miles away from the border of Germany. Two policemen, Hubert Von Montigny and Heinrich Nicolli immediately rang and reported seeing a strange object flying in the sky while they were on their routine patrol. The policemen reported that the unidentified object was so bright that its lights seemed like a football stadium.

Gradually as their eyes got used to such a sharp light, they recall seeing a giant triangular entity with three huge spotlights directed downwards and a red light was also flashing in the centre. According to the policemen, the impeccable part of this whole experience was that the UFO was effortlessly suspended in the air. Interestingly, various people also allegedly saw the unidentified flying object the same night.

13,500 Witnesses is No Joke!

This wasn’t the last UFO sighting in Belgium. The next year, in March, two ground radar stations of the military confirmed being reported about multiple unidentified objects. To conduct an investigation of those anomalies, the military sent F-16 fighter jets. Though nothing was clear enough, the pilots managed to use their radars and lock the UFOs as their target. However, those UFOs gained such a high speed that it became impossible for the pilots to chase them.

13500 Witnesses is No Joke

This was a historical event that was witnessed by approximately 13,500 individuals. Even after three decades, the Air Force of Belgium still has no logical clarification for what happened. However, they didn’t deny coming close to an encounter with an unidentified flying object. For further investigation, the Belgian government asked the Defence Ministry of the UK for help, but the investigation was soon stopped by determining that the previous incident was neither aggressive nor hostile.

Was it a Product of Mass Hysteria? No!

The government tried to wave off the whole hype as a product of mass hysteria, however, the witnesses stayed adamant that UFOs exist. When investigators interviewed different witnesses, they found them confident that the UFO sightings were true and there are other species present in the world about which we don’t know yet. Scientists who extensively researched the happenings predicted that those UFOs were surely more technologically advanced than any of our man-made devices.

Historical Mass Sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects The Belgian UFO Wave

With the Belgian UFO mass sightings, it is evident that we are too far to explore the whole universe. Although it didn’t seem that the UFO aimed to cause harm to Belgium in any way, the Air Force and Intelligence agency still couldn’t figure out why the UFO decided to visit Belgium. The witnesses of the incident are still waiting for a logical explanation from the experts.


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