In the tell-all documentary “The Phenomenon”, filmmakers take audiences through the history of UFO claims since 1940, centering on the now revelatory investigations into military sightings. Harry Reid is one of the central figures of the documentary, revealing just how much the U.S. government has been hiding from its citizens about reality of UFOs.

The current rhetoric surrounding UFOs has begun to change, as the world awaits the Pentagon’s report on UFO sightings around military bases in recent years. The report is set at a June 1st deadline, but Senator Marco Rubio is skeptical that the Pentagon will release it on time. Still, the Senator has been an avid supporter of these investigations, pleading with the government to take the UFO sightings seriously.

Harry Reid On The Reality Of UFOs1

It seems that Senator Rubio has others with similar goals, those in high places such as himself. One of the key issues behind UFO believers is that many fail to hold evidence or high-enough positions to be taken seriously, but that has been evolving in the last few decades. One such instance was Dr. John Mack (embed “The Battle That Changed UFO Research Forever” when it is published), a Harvard psychiatrist who studied over 100 cases of UFO sightings and abductions, bringing legitimacy to the field of study. Now, Harry Reid, another respected government official has taken center stage to shed light on the rising threat of turning a blind eye to the truth.

According to HuffPost, Senator Harry Reid was one of the lawmakers behind a classified but since-closed U.S. government UFO program, who has been vocal about the threat that UFO sightings reveal. Reid does not, however, believe in little green men, but he does consider the potential for UFOs to pose dangers to the U.S. military and the public. Reid is present in the documentary, “The Phenomenon”, and the film presents details about a 1967 report of UFO sightings. In this case, an object appeared over a U.S. missile base at the same time that ten missiles became inoperative, and Red claims that “if they had been called upon by the president to launch, they couldn’t have done it”.

The danger here, especially in the 1967 report, is that these UFO sightings pose an otherwise unknown threat. Questions arise, like whether the UFOs are a product of foreign countries and a technological power they possess that is far greater than that of the United States. The issue is, many people, especially government bodies, do not take reports seriously, or rather, don’t expressively take the reports seriously. So, when Navy officers spot strange phenomena in the sky (link to “Navy Pilot Speaks Out: Reports UFOs”), most keep their mouths shut.

In the documentary, Reid is extremely adamant about the existence of these UFOs and expresses the need for investigations.

When asked by the film’s director if some evidence of UFOs have yet to see the light of day, Reid responded with: “I’m saying most of it hasn’t seen the light of day.”

For some, hope remains in the Pentagon’s report that should arrive during the summer, but others remain skeptical that the report will ever be released. Many, however, don’t know what to think of the impending report, or whether the investigation will even be taken seriously. Despite the media attention and the utility of the internet, spreading evidence to millions of people, many still don’t believe in UFOs or the threat they pose to national security.


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