A brutal homicide was reported in 1956, with eyes carved out, private parts removed, and tongue excised without shedding a single drop of blood. The authorities found a dead body lying under the open sky naked.

Incidents like these make us wonder, have aliens started experimenting on humans? What could be the possible explanation for the alleged incident that happened back in March 1956? Unexplained mutilation that was reported details how a person died in a very strange way, which only humans or some other intelligent species are capable of. The utmost precision was the most striking thing that convinced a lot of investigators that it was not an animal attack. 

The reports from secondary sources have sketched out the entire incident before our eyes. It was initially a case of abduction when it was heard that an American Air Force sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette got abducted but no one knew how it happened. During the investigation, it was discovered that it was no ordinary abduction but more like a brutal killing by an unknown aircraft. After seeing the naked corpse of the sergeant found in Mexico Desert, a stampede ensued.

Jonathan Lovette was caught in this incident while assisting Major William Cunningham in searching for the debris from a recent rocket testing in New Mexico near Holloman Air Force Base. As per Cunningham’s statement, he heard a scream across the dune which sounded like somebody got bitten by a snake. He rushed towards the dune and on crossing it, he encountered a bizarre UFO which got him frozen in horror. Sergeant Lovette was attacked by the UFO, which was hovering over 15 to 20 feet above the ground and a long-coiled arm grabbing the legs of the soldier was connected to that silver hovering disc-like craft. While Cunningham was horror-struck, the arm pulled the soldier inside that strange aircraft and flew away.

Right after witnessing this horrifying incident, Cunningham rushed towards his jeep and radioed the whole scene to the station. The investigation started and Cunningham was confined to a hospital where he again repeated the same words. To those who might not believe it, the arrival of the unidentified aircraft was detected on the radar as well, as per sources.

The search party was able to locate the corpse of the soldier after three days. But the corpse did not bring any good news for the investigators, instead it raised even more questions.

The way eyes were carved out, the tongue was excised and genitals were removed, no ordinary human can do it. It requires excellent surgical skills to do so. Strangely, the entire dissection was done without spilling a drop of blood, according to the medical reports.

The incident was also studied by one of the pioneers of the US Air Force, Project Grudge. They had been studying the cases of UFOs after World War II. The investigation was documented in the form of an alleged 600-page report called “Project Grudge report 13.”

To our surprise, all the information available was from secondary sources, there were no official documents presented about the incident. Moreover, the government officials denying the existence of this incident made people raise more questions? They might have taken the primary documents under strict confidentiality. No matter what, the secondary sources at least claim to have gone through the primary documents.

All the reports of Project Grudge from 1 till 14 have been declassified except the 13th report, which is the case of Lovette and Cunningham with no official documents available as if it never happened.

Similar incidents had been encountered lately involving not only humans but livestock as well, in Brazil, New Mexico. Moreover, there were similar stories that came to light from Colorado as well with the same details but the victim is still unidentified.


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