People have been wondering whether Hangar 18, an operational alien warehouse where the government is keeping crashed UFOs, performing alien autopsies, and studying alien technology, actually exists or not. The very query tends to stir up a great amount of skepticism regarding claims of the officials made to date pertaining to the enduring speculations of the cryptic UFOs.

We’ve pretty much heard a great deal about the on-record claims of unexplained UFO sightings through investigatory endeavors like the Project Blue Book. However, time and again on grounds of the lack of physical evidence, scholars and experts have publicly discarded the reamed evidence (video & pictorial) in multiple expert panel rulings.

Amidst the unresolved speculations about the disc-craze, suspense creating rumors keep surfacing time and again such as the propounded claim about Hangar 18 – the storage place at the US Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio – a secret alien experimental base.

As per the claims of UFO advocates, the US government is stealthily preserving and keeping away the physical evidence obtained from UFO crash sites from the progressive investigations underway hitherto. It is asserted that alien remains, wrecked UFO rubbles, and possibly captured aliens are kept under impenetrable security in the ‘Blue Room’ located at the venue undergoing recurring tests and experimental examinations.

This apparently bizarre presumption about Hangar 18 took hype and dates back to the incident of 1947 where an alleged UFO crash took place in the desert vicinity near Roswell, New Mexico. As per the details released by Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF), the US Army personnel witnessed a fast paced ambiguous flying saucer before it crashed. 

UFO-researchers claim that materials collected from the place of the incident were transported to multiple locations, with Hangar 18 being one of them. It is believed that many personnel has contributed to the transportation of alien and UFO remains to the destination sites including Oliver Henderson, who informed his wife of having flown an air jet carrying alien bodies from Roswell to Hangar 18, at Wright Field Base.

Another account by Marion Magruder, a WWII hero, confessed to his family that he had seen an alien at the Hangar 18 warehouse, which regretfully died due to experimental testing.

Surely, we cannot assume such trustworthy army personnel to be fabricating stories who for sure were aware of the consequences. Though panel sittings and verdicts of Project Blue Book tried to put an end to such stories; the skepticism around Hangar 18 continued to prevail.


Another open claim to the Hangar 18 being an alien warehouse was propounded by Robert Spencer Carr, a Ufologist from Florida, who asserted that the venue was hiding 2 unknown flying saucers. Carr sticks to his claim of the presence of the mysterious beings and their possessions to be in the hands of the US military by declaring that a high-ranking official witnessed 12 alien bodies undergoing autopsies. This evidence is indeed enough to conclude that there may be some substance to such accounts. 

In view of the same, we still see a blunt response to confession from the Air Force that has categorically denied the credibility of the Hangar 18 rumors. In fact, they have even moved on to saying that no such Hangar 18 exists, though there is a building 18. We are baffled and unable to understand what the authorities are actually trying to hide by indirectly acknowledging the presence of Hangar 18. 

We most certainly are aware of the fact that classified information is never shared by the authorities and it is no different this time round hence, their response is understandable.

However, with no ‘official information’ to gauge the validity of the Hangar 18 rumors, what can the masses assume?  Are officials really at the dawn of new discoveries and surreptitiously pursuing the extraterrestrial phenomenon? Or is this just another rumor bound to keep alive the suspense-triggering phenomenon?  Let’s just leave the open secret to be judged by the wise themselves.


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