As we remain eager to spot the next UFO hovering above our houses, there’s a high chance that aliens have already settled on our planet. But if that’s the case, how come we don’t see a plethora of fighter jets chasing a UFO every now and then? Because the battle in question is taking place underwater.

USOs (Underwater Submersible Objects) are the New Targets

As per the book titled Russia’s USO Secrets (written by Philip Mantle), the Soviet Submarines constantly strive to approach the mysterious underwater craft. The said book includes details from Russian documents and army veterans.

Speaking about USOs, there’s a high chance that they are an alien invention. What makes us say that? Well, there are multiple instances that prove the aforementioned statement right.

For starters, Yury Beketov (former nuclear submarine commander) recalled a strange event in the Bermuda Triangle back in 2009. He stated that their vessel identified certain material objects moving as fast as 230 knots or 400 km/h.

Confidential Documents Reveal that Russian Submarines have been Battling Aliens Underwater for Decades2

Beketov then said that it’s hard to attain such speed on the surface. He wrapped things up by saying that whoever created the said material objects, had beaten the humans in terms of development capabilities.

Russian army veterans’ experiences were also documented in Philip’s book. Some of these stories indicate that the army actually encountered mysterious beings/objects at sea during the Cold War. These personnel shared how they saw the UFOs appearing in the sky out of the blue before heading straight to the sea.

Gripping Incidents Involving USOs

One creepy incident led to a captain ordering depth charges to be dropped into a USO’s direction. However, before it took a hit, the mysterious object simply changed its course and swam away.

Lieutenant-Commander Oleg Sokolov shared his story in which he discovered a never-seen-before object emerging from the water.

The book also highlights the instance where a crew witnessed a cigar-shaped UFO shooting three light beams through the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The said UFO was described to be about 250 meters long and it didn’t create a blip on the submarine’s radar despite being just half a mile away from it.

Numerous Ukrainian marine scientists stated that they spotted a massive “wheel” circling below the Black Sea. This encounter occurred when the scientists were deep-sea diving.

Confidential Documents Reveal that Russian Submarines have been Battling Aliens Underwater for Decades

Moreover, a Soviet submarine came across a huge underwater object moving towards the shores in 1951. Despite being interrupted by depth bombs, the USO didn’t change its path. Strangely enough, upon reaching the depth of 50 meters, the object altered its course and vanished.

Fast forward to July 1978, the Russian sailors saw a UFO in the Mediterranean and a radiogram was immediately sent to the Soviet Academy of Sciences. As per the documents, the craft in question was kind of spherical in shape and white in color.

USO Research to be Taken More Seriously

As per author Philip Mantle, researchers have started showing more concern pertaining to the USO subject. The emergence of numerous UFOs over Soviet submarine bases was the motivating factor behind this change in approach.

The book also includes the results of an analysis done by the Anomalous Phenomena Commission of the Russian Geographical Society in Saint Petersburg. The results indicated that UFOs are indeed real. Moreover, Philip stated that the USO phenomenon appears to be a staple of future UFO research. With every passing day, more researchers across the globe are showing interest in the USO matter.

It has also been reported that both American and Russian submarines have spotted, if not encountered, multiple USOs across different parts of the world.


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