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What Would Happen if an Asteroid Hit Earth? NASA Simulation Gives Us Some Insight

NASA Simulation Gives Us Some Insight

How would people respond if an asteroid hit Earth? That’s what NASA wanted to find out. So this week NASA‘s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) created a simulation.

NASA tested Earth’s mightiest minds with a tabletop exercise this week, imagining a doomsday-level asteroid was hurtling toward Earth. The exercise was held to understand the pathways to Earth’s defense and to recognize the individuals who were valuable in finding a solution.

The exercise was held the week of April 26, beginning with the “discovery” of a fictitious asteroid on the hypothetical date of April 19, 2021. NASA’s Planetary Defense Program spotted, confirmed, and named the imaginary threat “2021PDC.” The simulation placed the asteroid about 35 million miles from Earth, hurtling towards the planet, but with only a 5% chance of impact on or around October 20, 2021.

The defense council then fast-forwarded to May 2, 2021, after 2021PDC’s impact probability is discovered to be 100 percent, a startling and devastating figure. Though it wouldn’t mean the end of all humanity, the asteroid would – despite losing mass on its way – be big enough to wipe out more than half a million people in central Europe or northern Africa.

During the second day of the testing, Earth’s mighty minds concocted a plan to launch a rocket that would attempt to disrupt the asteroid’s trajectory before impact. After discussion, it was determined that the lack of time and adequate technology would prevent that possibility.

Day three was set on June 30, 2021, barely four months before Earth’s imminent annihilation. After continuous observation and advanced monitoring, the asteroid’s trajectory looks to be either Germany, the Czech Republic, or Austria, among other nearby nations. It isn’t until the fourth day (October 14, 2021) when scientists realize that the asteroid is much smaller than predicted. The area and size of destruction will be vastly limited compared to original estimates – a stark positive in relation to the imminent disaster.

Scientists around the world create an evacuation strategy that would minimize mortality rates upon impact. Though the result of a real asteroid hurtling towards Earth would be catastrophic, the test ultimately taught valuable lessons about Earth’s line of defense if a space threat were to present itself. NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer, Lindley Johnson admitted that “these exercises ultimately help the planetary defense community communicate with each other and with our governments to ensure we are all coordinated should a potential impact threat be identified in the future.”

The outcome of the test was startling, providing evidence that Earth technology may not be up to the requirements for asteroid defense, Johnson said. But he added: “Each time we participate in an exercise of this nature, we learn more about who the key players are in a disaster event, and who needs to know what information, and when.”

This was the seventh impact exercise NASA has participated in. The exercises provide essential training, just as police officers or firefighters might have, to better prepare scientists for potentially life-threatening events. Dr. Paul Chodas, director of CNEOS explained that the “hypothetical asteroid impact exercises provide opportunities for us to think about how we would respond in the event that a sizeable asteroid is found to have a significant chance of impacting our planet.”

Though lives could have been lost if 2021PDC were actually hurtling towards Earth, these thought experiments open up new methodologies that could turn out to be essential in stopping a real-life asteroid from wreaking havoc on our civilization.

People magazine compared the test to the science fiction films of 1998, Armageddon and Deep Impact. The fictitious scenarios in the movies demonstrated potential, if not outlandish attempts to save humanity from an asteroid impact.

Skinwalker Ranch is Being Investigated for UFO Sightings

Skinwalker Ranch is Being Investigated for UFO Sightings

The Pentagon has finally acknowledged Skinwalker Ranch, the place with one of the highest concentrations of UFO sightings and strange phenomena. A specialist team has been deployed to investigate Skinwalker Ranch, part of the Pentagon’s top-secret study into UFOs.

While some call Skinwalker Ranch a supernatural haven and others simply label it cursed, a scientific study of the 512-acre plot of land revealed its terrible truths. Mysterious crop circles, cow mutilations, and a high concentration of UFO sightings led to an in-depth investigation of the land.

A high level of radiation in the soil was found. That could be the explanation for many of the mysterious happenings. Others, however, seek a more paranormal explanation.

UFO enthusiast Robert Bigelow bought the property for $200,000 in 1996, after a major story published regarding the previous owners’ chilling experiences at the ranch. Bigelow set up surveillance of the ranch, attempting to find answers. When none were found, the ranch was resold.

Brandon Fugal, a real estate tycoon, bought the ranch from Bigelow and has given access to a research team, led by Dr. Travis Taylor, that believes it is more equipped to handle the mystery of Skinwalker Ranch. The team has done work for the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA.

Mr. Fugal claimed that “as early as 1911 the homesteaders started seeing unexplained phenomenon. … by 1979, there were a lot of UFO sightings being documented. There were daylight cattle mutilations. We are talking surgically precise dissections.”

Dr. Taylor led the investigation into the strange occurrences at Skinwalker Ranch. The team that was part of the government probe witnessed multiple UFO sightings, noticed strange anomalies both above and below the ranch, and heard accounts of cows being virtually “turned inside out.”

The £15 million Pentagon study was revealed in a New York Times article, sending shockwaves around the world. Details emerged that the probe was part of the U.S. Defense Department’s mysterious Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

The investigation head, Dr. Taylor, said that his “hope for being here at Skinwalker Ranch is to get some answers. There are so many stories about the aliens and whatever and if there is something happening I want to find out.”

The answers they found could be deeper than the government or the Pentagon is letting on. Back in February, the Pentagon admitted to testing wreckage from crashed UFOs. That revelation brought a lot of attention, especially from research Anthony Bragalia. Bragalia requested the details of the UFO materials from the Defense Intelligence Agency, along with the results of any tests they conducted.

“This could include physical debris recovered by personnel of the Department of Defense as residue, flotsam, shot-off material or crashed material from UAPS [unidentified aerial phenomenon] or unidentified flying objects,” Bragalia wrote.

The DIA responded with 154 pages of test results including reports of mysterious “memory” metal called Nitinol, which can remember its original shape, even after being folded. It was a “stunning admission” according to Bragalia, and it revealed some “extraordinary capabilities” of potential UFOs.

Skinwalker Ranch has been the object of investigation for quite a while, and many of the strange occurrences were documented by the probe team and released as an eight-part series being screened on Blaze, Wednesday nights. Many answers will likely be revealed, but it is just as likely that things will be kept hidden from the camera and public eye. 

“UAPs have an active interest in our nuclear technology”, says Former Pentagon Officer

sightings of UFOs

In the past 75 years, sightings of UFOs have mostly been reported in areas that are related to nuclear power, weaponry, and technology. According to the reports by the US military personnel and intelligence officers, whenever UFOs appear above such sites they somehow manage to disable the facilities.

Luis Elizondo – the former director of Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) – recently shared this information in a news conference requested by major news outlets such as The Washington Post and NBC news.

The most concerning, are those incidents that involve our nuclear equities. There seems to be a very distinct congruency between UAP, associated UAP activity, and our nuclear technology,” Elizondo told the journalists. He was also concerned about the country’s defense capabilities and said: “Whether it be a propulsion or weapon systems or whatnot. And that’s concerning to the point where we’ve had some of our nuclear capabilities disabled by these things. So, you know, again, let’s put this into the context of foreign adversarial technology if Russia or China could disable our nuclear strike capability or defense capability.

When the NBC reporter requested clarity about the association shared by UAPs and nuclear energy, Luis said that UAPs have an active interest in nuclear technology and it is a fact that there have been interferences in the past too with nuclear capabilities.

Another reporter from The Washington Post showed curiosity about whether these interferences could be made by humans or another technology. Elizondo clarified that interference does exist but he nullified the possibility of humans doing it as there is no evidence substantiating that. Lastly, he explained that while there are no conclusive answers, this could be a technology application that is interfering with the nuclear facilities.

While the origin of UFOs and their capabilities remain mysterious, it is concerning that they have been spotted mostly near defense sites. Elizondo mentioned that F-18 fighter pilots have sighted UFOs almost every day between 2014 and 2015. It is important to note that pilots who were performing training maneuvers were part of nuclear-powered USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Wherever we were, they were there,” said Ryan Graves, an F-18 fighter pilot from the USS Roosevelt.

And this isn’t something new. In the 1960s and 70s, there were recurrent appearances near the Malmstrom Airforce Base in Montana. This base was a storage site for nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). Robert Salas – a former Air Force captain, said that many of these missiles became inactive at the same time the base security reported a glowing red object hovering over the site. He further told CNN that the “missiles began going into what’s called a ‘no-go condition,’ or not launchable.”

Luis Elizondo is not the only person who has valuable information on the subject. There are people who are interested in UAPs and have been studying them. In fact, when the US Navy updated its guidelines about how the pilots should report UFO sightings , many started treating it as a formal acknowledgement by the authorities. Even, former Senate majority leader Harry Reid had been briefed on the matter. Reid even acknowledged Luis’ role in AATIP.

George Knapp, an investigative journalist said that the recent developments have only increased in comparison to the activity in three decades. “…  All those places, all the people working there have seen these things,Knapp says.

Luis Elizondo Believes UFOs Are Real And The Government Has Acknowledged The Reality

Pentagon whistleblower

Luis Elizondo, the man who oversaw the Pentagon’s UFO program for nine years, said that the government is getting ready to share the truth about UFOs. Luis added that the report will be shared as early as June and might contain evidence that will reveal the reality of UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Former Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, in a letter clearly acknowledged the leadership role of Elizondo in Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). He mentioned that Luis Elizondo had investigated UAPs while working as the head of AATIP.

Harry Ried

The much-awaited report has already made people curious as they might be expecting the government to formally acknowledge UFOs or aliens. It is expected that the report will disclose all the information that the military has about UAPs, their origin, or the beings operating these flying objects.

Luis Elizondo last July said that the Pentagon’s task force for UAP “no longer has to hide in the shadows” and “will have a new transparency.” In the past few years, the former head of AATIP had passed similar remarks but the news that the government will make public the information it has about UAPs hint that a formal acknowledgment about the existence of UFOs might be on its way. Former President Donald Trump’s appropriation bill for 2021 had a clear mandate for Pentagon and spy agencies to report what they know about UAPs by the summer.

Elizondo told the New York Post (NYP), “I think the government has acknowledged the reality of UAP.” The Pentagon whistleblower has also spoken in a recent press conference about the otherworldly attributes of these UFOs. He said that these objects can fly at 11,000 miles per hour and can make a turn instantly. Comparing it to one of the most advanced jets, he explains: for an aircraft to even make a right-hand turn, it will have to go about half the state of Ohio.

While describing “trans-medium travel” capabilities of UAPs, Elizondo said that these otherworldly objects are capable of flying 50-feet above Earth’s ground or as high as 80,000 feet in the sky. These objects can also easily move under water. He claimed: “When you see that, you recognize you are dealing with a technology more advanced than ours.”

Luis Elizondo believes that there’s some association between our nuclear technology and UAP activity. He told New York Post, this could be a matter of concern because UAPs have previously disabled some of our nuclear capabilities, hinting that UAPs might have an active interest in nuclear technology.

Ufologists and those who are studying this phenomenon are looking for answers for the tic-tac-shaped objects the Navy reported in 2004, the inexplicable black triangles reported around the world, and the peculiar “cubes within spheres” seen in 2014.

However, as per the Pentagon whistleblower, the national security authorities were reluctant to share information with the public for years now. “They felt that it made them look inept,” Elizondo said. “They felt in some cases that it challenged their philosophical and theological belief systems … They just couldn’t process it.”

Despite his lifelong NDA with the Pentagon, Elizondo told the NYP, “I think they all want answers and I think they are all willing to ask the hard questions.”

Crew Dragon Resilience Spacecraft Has Been Delayed Because of High Winds Off Coast of Florida

NASA Crew-1 Return Delayed
Photo credit: Evgeniyqw / Shutterstock.com

The return of the Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft has been delayed, as high winds off the coast of Florida threaten the crew’s safe landing. NASA announced Monday that the crew would not return until Saturday, three days after the crew’s planned departure from the International Space Station.

The four-person crew was supposed to return to Earth on Wednesday, with the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of the Florida Panhandle as it’s splashdown target. The mission, known as Crew-1 launched the four astronauts on November 16, 2020, and was the first operational crewed flight of a Crew Dragon spacecraft – developed and built by SpaceX.

NASA released a statement, claiming its team, along with SpaceX managers agree to postpone Crew-1 ‘s undocking and return home, due to weather forecasts of the zones off the Florida coast Crew Dragon is expected to land in. The mission is now supposed to end 11:36 a.m. EDT Saturday, bringing NASA astronauts Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker, and Soichi Noguchi a Japanese mission specialist back to Earth – or rather sea.

“NASA and SpaceX agreed to move Crew-1’s undocking and splashdown from Wednesday, April 28, following a review of forecast weather conditions in the splashdown zones off the coast of Florida, which currently predict wind speeds above the recovery criteria,”  NASA officials said in its statement. “Teams will continue to monitor weather conditions for splashdown ahead of Friday’s planned undocking.”

The crew will enter the Dragon capsule late afternoon Friday, and following a final check of the weather forecast, NASA mission control will give the go-ahead for the capsule to undock. Ground teams will continue to monitor weather reports of the targeted landing area as Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft is carried away from the space station and finally re-enters Earth’s atmosphere Saturday.

The four astronauts at the ISS were visited by a second party aboard SpaceX’s Crew-2, which launched on April 22. That spacecraft was nearly intercepted by a UFO which was later classified as a piece of space debris. The successful docking brought four more NASA astronauts, just in time to greet and eventually replace Crew-1. As Crew-1 prepares to undock Friday, Crew-2 is settling in.

When Crew-1 finally departs the ISS, the capsule is expected to land (or splash) in one of seven sites off the Atlantic coast of Florida, its momentum diminished by four overhead parachutes. The exact landing site will depend on the quality of weather in each area.

Once the capsule makes contact with water, the four astronauts will be escorted out by SpaceX recovery teams. After medical checks, the crew will be delivered back to shore by helicopter and will then travel by plane to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston – officially ending the 166-day mission.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Crew-1 made its farewell remarks aboard the International Space Station and issued the change of command.

The eventual landing of Crew-1 depends on the weather conditions Saturday, which as of now, will likely meet the requirements for a safe return home. The criteria for splashdown calls for wind speeds no faster than 12 mph, the perfect mix of wave height and wave periods, as well as a low probability of lightning. If the weather in any of the seven landing points match the criteria, the capsule will be able to lock its target and make a successful landing.

NASA has not released any statements regarding the likelihood of another delay. But with seven landing points, it is probable the four astronauts and the Crew-1 capsule will be back home soon.

Canadian Skies: The New Hotspot for UFOs?

UFO sightings

In recent years, commercial pilots have reported numerous UFO sightings in Canadian skies. Amongst the most notable of these incidents is the one that took place in 2016, when a Porter Airlines flight approaching Toronto suddenly encountered what the pilots described as a balloon-like object flying in the air. In order to avoid a collision, the aircraft had to dive suddenly, resulting in two flight attendants having injuries.

According to Daily Mail, another unidentified object in 2018, and the pilot reported it moving at the speed that no aircraft known to humans could match.

Incidents like these have been reported time and again in Canada over the past few years. The details and record can be accessed via the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Report System (CADORS), a database that records details of all incidents involving aircraft. It is maintained by Transport Canada on the federal level and is open to the public. With more than 300,000 reports of incidents of engine failures and passenger fights, users can also find multiple instances of UFO sightings by commercial pilots.

In a collection of UFO-related incidents gathered from the CADORS archive and various other sources, Vice World News mentions a “bright, white strobe-type light” that was simultaneously viewed by two WestJet flights in the whereabouts of Okanagan Valley, British Columbia on March 2017.

Even though records of various incidents exist on reliable sources, unfortunately, the details remain incomplete and unclear. A common reason behind this lack of completeness is the witnesses who are either too scared to share the complete account or hesitant to come forward in the first place. A statement by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) pilot, John Jock William, confirms this and discloses the reason behind the attitude:

Pilots are probably not reporting about 90 percent of the things they’re seeing, because they know it could have lengthy career implications”.

This reluctance on part of the pilots means that there is a possibility of an even greater number of UFO sightings than currently on record.

While this happens, reports of UFOs being spotted by various national and international flights over Canada have been popping up one after the other. And if this was not enough, incidents of UFO sightings all over the country have allegedly increased during 2020, according to the results of a survey quoted by CTV News, there has been a 46% increase in the sighting of unidentified objects, with 54% of these incidents concentrated around Ontario and Quebec.

Even though some of these UFO claims have been disregarded because the reported object turned out to be a plane or satellite, 13% of the sightings still go unexplained.

The link between increased UFO appearances and the pandemic appears to be a complex yet interesting phenomenon. Chris Rutkowski with Ufology Research in Winnipeg gave his view that maybe the COVID-19 situation led people to ponder more about their relationship to the universe and they are spending more time looking at the sky and considering the possibilities of extraterrestrial existence.

Regardless of the belief in alien existence, incidents of strange objects floating in the sky cannot be denied in the view of increased and repeated occurrences. Acknowledging the presence of UFOs does not necessarily mean accepting the idea of extraterrestrial life. It simply means agreeing to the fact that unidentified flying objects are present in the sky and their source and origin need to be investigated.

Dr. Michio Kaku thinks that aliens are more intelligent than humans

Dr. Michio Kaku

The famous theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, has recently given an interview to TMZ in which he claimed that aliens are much more advanced than humans in terms of technology. Aliens do not appear to be interested in humans and their lifestyle, Kaku told TMZ.

Dr. Kaku has a huge following and his statements are taken very seriously. He is known for his contributions in the field of science and the documentary “Ancient Aliens” that was aired on History channel made him a familiar name among the UFO community.

Kaku told TMZ that acceptance and recognition of UFO sightings by the US government only comes down to two possibilities: first being that the reported UFO sightings were in fact, secret military weapons. Second, extraterrestrial beings actually exist and they are much more intelligent than humans, thus leaving no other choice to authorities but to accept their presence.

He recalled the time when people who claimed to have sighted an unidentified flying object were called “crackpots,” “hoaxters,” or many other names. The physicist now thinks that rather than dismissing the claims of those people, we should have believed them.

He, however, has given the reason why such claims were termed bogus and rejected in the past. He highlighted 3 standard parameters that physicists use to test the authenticity of any reported incident i.e. the narrated details have to be testable, reproducible, and falsifiable.

According to Dr. Kaku, all we had were personal accounts of eye-witnesses until recently, which could not be tested. However, now we have videos captured by the US Navy, which were officially released by the Department of Defense. Prior to the official release, these videos were already made public by The New York Times and To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science. The official spokesperson for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare, Joseph Gradisher, even admitted that the objects seen in the videos could not be identified.

This shows that the government, despite denying the existence of UFOs, had been aware about their presence but delayed the formal acknowledgement on purpose.

Dr. Michio Kaku believes that aliens visiting Earth in these unidentified objects are more technologically advanced and there is nothing they would want from us. He also said that UFOs have been seen for a long time now and if the aliens wanted to harm us, they would probably have done it by now. Humans have nothing to fear from aliens, Dr. Kaku told TMZ.

What Dr. Kaku said during the TMZ interview contradicts another recent statement, in which he said that reaching out to aliens would be a terrible idea.

According to The Independent, Dr. Kaku said that any contact with aliens should be avoided to eliminate “the threat of extraterrestrial life conquering us” He gave this warning in view of the recent development of the James Webb telescope.

While talking to TMZ, Dr. Michio Kaku said that it is a possibility that we will develop the ability to contact aliens, since the technology is improving and we have developed the capability to scan other planets for radio signals.

In fact, while mentioning alleged cases of human abductions by aliens, Dr. Kaku advised that any next victim should steal something from the aliens, even if it is something as small as a paper clip. He clarified that he wants “something that we can test in the laboratory.”

Only time will tell whether an encounter with aliens will prove to be positive or horrendous.

Society of Catholic Scientists Announces a Conference about Non-human Intelligence

Society of Catholic Scientists Announces a Conference about Non-human Intelligence

The Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported the announcement of a first-of-its-kind conference that the Society of Catholic Scientists (SCS) will be holding on the topic of non-human intelligence from 4th – 6th June 2021.

The conference titled “Extraterrestrials, AI, and Minds beyond the Human” will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C., and will be streamed live for a larger online audience.

The speakers will provide theological and scientific information on the subject of hypothetical and real intelligence, particularly artificial intelligence and extraterrestrial notions.

The Society of Catholic Scientists was founded in 2016 as a group representing the union of science and faith.  Initially, the society consisted of just six members but now has expanded over fifty countries and has over 1400 members including scientists, students, and other intellectuals. The organization has become a platform that facilitates young Catholics studying various scientific disciplines and offers resources for educators, journalists, and the public.

Dr. Stephen Barr, the President of the SCS, while talking to CNA mentions the goal of the conference as opening discussions and reflecting upon the intersecting ideas of science, theology, and philosophy. He also placed emphasis on the idea of encouraging a positive collaboration between science and faith. 

Barr also talked about the agenda and structure of the conference.  He told the CNA that the conference would be a series of thirteen talks, half of which will be by notable experts about extraterrestrial life. Specifically, four speakers will talk about the matter of possible otherworldly life from their relevant fields of study including astrochemistry, astrophysics, Catholic theology, and evolutionary biology. Besides this, there will be dedicated sessions on the conference’s main theme and the correlation between faith and science.

CNA reports that the attendees will be able to attend the session by speakers including Jonathan Lunine, the director of the Cornell Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science; Simon Conway Morris, the chair of Evolutionary Paleobiology at the University of Cambridge; Christopher Baglow, the director for Science and Religion Initiative at McGrath Institute for Church Life of the University of Notre Dame; Karen Oberg, professor of Astronomy and the director of undergraduate studies at Harvard University. Moreover, the agenda of the conference also has the St. Albert Award Lecture, presented by Lawrence Principe, Professor of Humanities at John Hopkins University.

Barr expressed great excitement about the conference in the light of recent groundbreaking discoveries, including the revelation of several new planets circling the nearby stars. He says that there is so much to learn about these discoveries. 

Andrew Peacock, Shirley MacLaine: Strange Encounter with a UFO in Mexico

Strange Encounter with a UFO in Mexico

What could be more memorable than spotting a UFO during a romantic date?

Shirley MacLaine, the popular American singer, actor, activist and author claims to have lived such a moment. In one of her books titled “I’m Over All That and Other Confessions”, MacLaine mentions all the noteworthy people she has dated. Amongst them is the ex-Australian minister, Andrew Peacock.

Shirley MacLaine’s book was published almost 10 years ago, and the recent death of the former minister has caused the mention of his name to make rounds on the internet once again.

In her book, the multi-talented artist declared that this was her longest-lasting romantic relationship with any politician and that the two had traveled to many places together. However, the most attention-grabbing account is that of the couple’s trip to Mexico. According to the author of the book, she and her partner saw a strange craft flying in the air somewhere near Popocatepetl.

In the exact words of Shirley MacLaine, Andrew Peacock nearly “climbed the sky” in an attempt to get a closer look. She states that it was definitely a UFO and her then-boyfriend was aware of it. However, he did not explicitly admit that to her since he was under oath to maintain secrecy. She was certain that he knew a lot about UFOs and had proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. She added that he was unwilling to share it with her in order to maintain the sanctity of his position.

Talking about her dating experience with Andrew Peacock, Shirley MacLaine narrated that he was charming and fun-loving but conservative. The only thing that irked her was his diplomacy when answering questions about extraterrestrial life, as MacLaine was deeply obsessed with finding out the truth behind the existence of aliens. In fact, she is a strong believer in UFOs.

In her book, MacLaine expressed that she believed Peacock controlled all the information coming out of Alice Springs (commonly believed to be home to a secret UFO research facility in Australia) during the time he held office.

According to MacLaine, he remained indifferent when she told him about her meeting with Jimmy Carter on the topic of UFOs. Whenever she tried to probe Peacock with questions, he only responded by saying the bare minimum that the possibility of extraterrestrial life may exist. According to the version of her story, narrated by The Advertiser, Peacock gave diplomatic answers whenever she tried discussing subjects like metaphysics and spirituality.

The UFO sighting that MacLaine mentions occurred near Mount Popocatépetl, Mexico. According to Mexico News Daily, this volcano is in fact a huge attraction for extraterrestrials and numerous sightings have been reported at this location. In fact, Mexico itself holds the seventh position globally in terms of UFO sightings.

Besides mentioning the extraordinary trip with Peacock, the famous artist discloses some of the secrets of her love life. She makes a mention of her affairs with famous personalities such as the singer Yves Montand, ex-Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and ex-Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme.

Sharing a story from her relationship with Andrew Peacock, Shirley MacLaine said that he warned her that he will have “the secret service” follow her if he caught her cheating on him. Like a naughty kid, who is happy on pulling off a prank successfully, MacLaine reveals in her book that she was already sleeping with Palme at the time Peacock made the statement.

The Theory That May Explain Many Military UFO Sightings

Theory That May Explain Many Military UFO Sightings

Don’t you find it disturbing that the UFO sightings over US military installations are increasing with each passing day? What’s the reason behind this sudden surge? People like to believe that these objects come from outer space and are operated by aliens. However, neither the government has confirmed anything about it nor any evidence that proves the theory has come to light. This brings us to one logical conclusion, that perhaps America’s adversaries are using these unidentified flying objects or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) – as they are now being referred to by the government – to spy on our military installations.

As disturbing as it may sound, that’s the only logical explanation Tyler Rogoway, Creator and Editor of The War Zone can come to. Jeremy Corbell obtained footage of pyramid-shaped UFOs flying over a US Navy Warship off the Southern California coast. The US Defense Department’s spokesperson, Sue Gough, confirmed the authenticity of the video to Futurism and said that the US Navy personnel captured this video. Gough also explained that since these incidents are under investigation, for security purposes she cannot disclose any additional information with the public fearing that it might be used by the country’s adversaries.

The formal acknowledgment by the government about the existence of UFOs indicates the failure of ignoring that America’s adversaries like Russia and China might be using low-end UAVs to gather intelligence, which they can use during any conflict. Tyler Rogoway’s conclusion is based on the fact that most of these UFO sightings were reported near secret US military bases. Tyler’s theory makes sense to many as recently Iran’s State TV has also released drone footage hovering over the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier (CVN-69).

Tyler thinks that disregarding the fact that America’s adversaries might be using low-end UAVs is a mistake. But then the question arises why would any country do that considering that if detected, it might be considered a hostile act?

In response to this Tyler said that the combat drills in the country usually involve testing full operational capabilities, which otherwise are kept secret. “The gross inaction and the stigma surrounding unexplained aerial phenomena as a whole has led to what appears to be the paralyzation of the systems designed to protect us and our most critical military technologies, pointing to a massive failure in U.S. military intelligence” Tyler commented.

The video released by the Department of Defense is not the first time that the military encountered an unidentified object. There have been many incidents in the past where UFOs were seen flying over America’s East coast – where the country conducts many secret military drills. The aircrafts were reported to be multi rotor UAV or missile-like drones that fly up in the flight levels at high altitudes. 

Tyler did acknowledge that the origin of many UAPs is still unknown, even after thorough investigations by the authorities. But he doesn’t want to accept that aliens are involved in it and believes that these are low-end balloons or drones operated by Russia or China that the country keeps on ignoring. But how can one explain similar UFO sightings in other countries? For now, we should not exclude the possibility that these unknown crafts are coming from our adversaries.