Are Aliens Living Among Us

Aliens on Earth with a headquarters on Mars? This is a plausible theory stated and believed by Professor Haim Eshed, 87, of Israel. Eshed is a retired general and Israeli space boss who led the Israeli Space Force for nearly 30 years, Eshed holds a Bachelor’s in electronics engineering, a Master’s degree in performance research, and a Doctorate in aeronautical engineering. These impressive academic achievements may help to support Eshed’s theories and statements on the subject of extraterrestrial life on Earth.

United States Pentagon employees in conjunction with NASA workers have come together to help analyze and determine whether we, as humans, are alone in the universe. NASA has stated, “one of the agency’s key goals was to search for life in the universe” but has been unsuccessful in their endeavors. However, the Pentagon has refused to comment on the matter.

Professor Eshed

Professor Eshed exclaimed the aliens had to intervene in order to stop then President Donald J. Trump from revealing their cover as people on Earth, as he is aware of their presence and was threatening to expose the secret. The result of revealing this extraterrestrial secret may cause mass hysteria and panic, and until mankind has evolved and has a general understanding of extraterrestrial life and spaceships, aliens on Earth will remain contained information.

The lack of transparency between the “galactic federation” and humans is due to the fact that “humanity is not ready,” according to Eshed’s statement made to Yediot Aharonot, an Israeli newspaper. 

The Professor also explained communication occurs between the two worlds in the bunker within the depths of Mars in which members of the US and the galactic federation meet and discuss current situations. In addition to these meetings, the President speaks to the senior extraterrestrials via “calls to world leaders, such as Kim Jung-un.” The aliens are on Earth to conduct experiments, looking to seek answers and understand the “fabric of the universe.”


Silvano P. Colombano, a professor and computer scientist at NASA stated in a research paper titled “New Assumptions to Guide SETI Research,” alternative intelligence may not use carbon as the building blocks of their foundation, as humans do. Thus, the size of these organisms may be much smaller than humans, which is why we may not be able to see them and therefore believe they exist. Additionally, Colombano stated these “travelers” may have advanced technology that we are not aware of yet, making interstellar travel a possibility. Since we do not have these possible technological advancements ourselves, it would not be possible for humans to venture and explore ourselves.

Colombano, an individual of high intelligence, advises us to sort through the vast amount of content surrounding the possibility of aliens and extraterrestrial life and to make our own judgments regarding what we believe to be true. There is much “noise” surrounding the subject which can make evaluations overwhelming and touch more on conspiracy rather than fact.

Is your neighbor secretly from another planet? Is that a speck of dust on your shoulder or an extraterrestrial creature peeking over your shoulder? There are many questions regarding aliens on Earth, but the discussion is just getting starte


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