What could be more memorable than spotting a UFO during a romantic date?

Shirley MacLaine, the popular American singer, actor, activist and author claims to have lived such a moment. In one of her books titled “I’m Over All That and Other Confessions”, MacLaine mentions all the noteworthy people she has dated. Amongst them is the ex-Australian minister, Andrew Peacock.

Shirley MacLaine’s book was published almost 10 years ago, and the recent death of the former minister has caused the mention of his name to make rounds on the internet once again.

In her book, the multi-talented artist declared that this was her longest-lasting romantic relationship with any politician and that the two had traveled to many places together. However, the most attention-grabbing account is that of the couple’s trip to Mexico. According to the author of the book, she and her partner saw a strange craft flying in the air somewhere near Popocatepetl.

In the exact words of Shirley MacLaine, Andrew Peacock nearly “climbed the sky” in an attempt to get a closer look. She states that it was definitely a UFO and her then-boyfriend was aware of it. However, he did not explicitly admit that to her since he was under oath to maintain secrecy. She was certain that he knew a lot about UFOs and had proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. She added that he was unwilling to share it with her in order to maintain the sanctity of his position.

Talking about her dating experience with Andrew Peacock, Shirley MacLaine narrated that he was charming and fun-loving but conservative. The only thing that irked her was his diplomacy when answering questions about extraterrestrial life, as MacLaine was deeply obsessed with finding out the truth behind the existence of aliens. In fact, she is a strong believer in UFOs.

In her book, MacLaine expressed that she believed Peacock controlled all the information coming out of Alice Springs (commonly believed to be home to a secret UFO research facility in Australia) during the time he held office.

According to MacLaine, he remained indifferent when she told him about her meeting with Jimmy Carter on the topic of UFOs. Whenever she tried to probe Peacock with questions, he only responded by saying the bare minimum that the possibility of extraterrestrial life may exist. According to the version of her story, narrated by The Advertiser, Peacock gave diplomatic answers whenever she tried discussing subjects like metaphysics and spirituality.

The UFO sighting that MacLaine mentions occurred near Mount Popocatépetl, Mexico. According to Mexico News Daily, this volcano is in fact a huge attraction for extraterrestrials and numerous sightings have been reported at this location. In fact, Mexico itself holds the seventh position globally in terms of UFO sightings.

Besides mentioning the extraordinary trip with Peacock, the famous artist discloses some of the secrets of her love life. She makes a mention of her affairs with famous personalities such as the singer Yves Montand, ex-Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and ex-Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme.

Sharing a story from her relationship with Andrew Peacock, Shirley MacLaine said that he warned her that he will have “the secret service” follow her if he caught her cheating on him. Like a naughty kid, who is happy on pulling off a prank successfully, MacLaine reveals in her book that she was already sleeping with Palme at the time Peacock made the statement.


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