There are some ancient sites present on our planet that don’t fail to astound our minds. Built-in the bygone years, it almost seems impossible that such advanced, technological, and gigantic creations could be built without modern tools and technology. It is widely perceived that these ancient monuments were not made by humans but by aliens.

Following is a list of seven ancient sites that invoke supernatural explanation for their fascinating constructions:

1. Sacsayhuamán

The fortress of Sacsayhuaman is located in Peruvian Andes. It is made of enormous and chiseled rocks, compiled like a jigsaw. The walls of this fortress are 1000 years old and are built by such rocks that are around 360 tons heavy. These heavy rocks covered 20 miles before they were picked up and precisely fixed into place.

2.Nazca Lines

These 800 white and straight lines are randomly drawn in the Peruvian desert on a dry and high plateau southeast of Lima. Along with Nazca lines, there are also 70 animal figures and 300 geometric shapes. Such vast figures and lines can only be clearly seen from above. According to scientists, these drawings were drawn 2 millennia ago. It is widely considered that this ancient site was built by aliens.

3. Egyptian Pyramids

These famous pyramids of Egypt are built in the Giza desert. Scientists say that these monumental tombs were built approximately 4,500 years ago as the burial site of ancient pharaohs and queens. Hewn stones, with an approximate weight of 2 tons each, are used for building the great Egyptian pyramids. In the absence of modern construction equipment and cranes, it seems almost impossible that such an astounding thing could be built by someone on Earth. Many strongly believe that aliens actually built the pyramids.

4. Stonehenge

Outside Salisbury, many heavy stones with an approximate weight of 50 tons each are used to make a big circle. According to Erich von Daniken, this Neolithic monument was a solar system model that also served as a landing pad for aliens. Up till now, no one really knows for sure why Stonehenge was built.

5. Teotihuacán

Teotihuacan means the City of Gods. It is located in Mexico and best noted for its astronomical alignments and pyramidal temples. Its history ranges back up to 2000 years and its complexity, size, and age make it look otherworldly.

Scientists say that many cultures including Zapotec, Mixtec, and Maya built this city that could reside 100,000 people. This city contained a transportation system, murals, and tools. Some evidence depicting progressive agricultural practices was also discovered. This surely makes us question that is it built by aliens. Well, some theories suggest so.

6. Easter Island

This island contains a fleet of 900 huge stone figures made from stone and is present along the sides of extinct volcanoes on the island. The weight and length of these figures are 14 tons and 13 feet respectively. When looked closely, scientists found out that 400 of all statues were still under construction. It seems like aliens were making these gigantic statues so they can be transported somewhere else.

7. The Face on Mars

In 1976, the orbiter of Viking 1 spotted the face on Mars. The length of this face is around 2 miles and it is located in Cydonia, a region that separates the north Martian smooth plains from the Southern terrain. At first, the face was only considered a shadow play by the scientists, but with the passage of time, alien fanatics have become increasingly convinced that some creative and constructive aliens came to Earth to build this.


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