On 13th March 1997, the skies of Nevada and Arizona were covered with mysterious lights and more than 20,000 people witnessed this phenomenon. This event still remains a mystery and an intriguing puzzle of Ufology.

Some people claim that they have witnessed a series of fixed glows; others claim that they saw a V-shaped formation of lights in Arizona’s capital, Phoenix. The then governor of the state, Fife Symington issued a statement after the incident and claimed that people basically saw an otherworldly object.

A man from Nevada around 7 p.m. reported seeing a V-Shaped object in the sky. The man claims that the UFO with six lights at the end was equal to the size of a Boeing 747 and flew away with supersonic speed.

A police officer after leaving his Arizona home around 8 p.m. shared how frightened he was by the UFO. He, upon spotting the UFO, quickly took out his binoculars and saw a set of red lights in the sky, which disappeared quickly on the horizon.

According to Bill Greiner, a person carrying a load up the mountain shared his experience of seeing the Phoenix Lights and said that the event completely changed his life. He said that before the sighting, had anyone told him that they saw a UFO, he would have dismissed it jokingly, but after witnessing something that doesn’t belong to this planet he has become a different person. He said that he might be a stupid truck driver, but he knew what he saw.

Certainly, the government did try to cover up the real truth behind the story and came up with its own version. In May 1997, an officer of the United States Armed Forces claimed that after a thorough investigation he managed to solve the mystery. He said that the Phoenix Lights were nothing but the communication flares fired from a Thunderbolt A-10 aircraft.

Discover The Phoenix LightsThe Largest UFO Sighting In History1

However, this justification alone is not enough to convince people who saw something that they know was not from this world. The government has been constantly denying the existence of extraterrestrial life or UFOs, but people keep on seeing such things.

Had there been just a few witnesses to the Phoenix Incident, it would have been easier for the government to cover up. But more than 20,000 people saw it with their own eyes. Plus, the government is known to keep secrets from the public as they kept on denying the existence of Area 51 until they finally acknowledged it officially. 

Even if we are to buy what the government is selling, how would you describe the events that happened 10 years after the Phoenix Incident. Between 2007 and 2008, people have reported seeing UFOs in Phoenix again. Apparently, local Fox News TV station also recorded the incident but the government again came up with another narrative that it was a part of F-16 aircraft training at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. Some Arizonians in April 2008 saw lights transform into triangular shape from square.

Despite the government’s best efforts to cover up the 1997 Phoenix Incident, it is still one of the most controversial subjects in UFO history. Although many people came up with their own versions, but people who saw it are (till today) aware that what they saw was more than some communication flares or aircraft training.


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