Every time an incident of alleged UFO sighting is reported in the news, it causes an adrenaline rush in people who get excited at the thought of meeting aliens. It might be that fictional movies have led most people to assume that interaction with interplanetary beings would be nothing but pleasant. However, the reality may be completely different.

In this article, we will be discussing a case of human abduction by aliens. This incident was experienced by Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. The couple narrated that as they drove back towards their home in Portsmouth after a 3-day vacation, they spotted a light in the sky that seemed to be following their car. Initially, the Hills believed it to be a shooting star or a satellite, and hence brushed off all other thoughts. However, they were alarmed when the unidentified light kept getting bigger, denoting that it was coming closer. Also, it would disappear and then reappear as if it were playing hide and seek with its targets.

Perplexed by the strange and weird experience, the couple pulled over and what Betty saw via her binoculars was frightening enough. The source of light was an unidentified object spinning in the air. As the strange object approached the ground, Barney was shocked to see that it was as huge as a jet aircraft. It was occupied by unique beings that normal humans could not remember seeing before.

As the couple tried to restart the car and speed away, a loud beeping sound suddenly emerged from the car’s trunk and caused the Hills to become unconscious. When they came to their senses, about two hours later, the couple found themselves to be 35 miles away from where they had originally pulled over and lost their consciousness. Also, they were petrified to find their possessions in a strange condition. Betty’s dress was ripped while Barney’s shoes were abraded. The Hills were further confused when they saw that their watches were not working any more.

From that day onwards, the couple remained extremely disturbed. Betty had scary dreams whereas Barney suffered from anxiety and ultimately developed an ulcer. They were horrified at the thought of not remembering what had happened to them and where the two hours were lost. Ultimately, the couple approached a psychiatrist Benjamin Simon who helped them relive the events of that day via a technique called hypnosis.

Details shared by the Hills would definitely change the perception of those who are excited at UFO sightings and look forward to meeting the aliens. The couple narrated that strange beings dressed in grey-colored uniforms led them inside a metallic disc. If you are wondering how is it possible for humans to enter inside a small disc, be informed that this one was as big as the Hills’ home. As per the abductees, their memories were erased once they reached inside the disc.

Continuous and repeated sessions with Dr. Simon helped the couple recall that their skin was scraped, nails were chopped off and hair strands were pulled out by aliens for the purpose of examination. Betty and Barney narrated that needles attached to long tubes were pierced into different parts of their body including head, limbs and spine. Betty also had to undergo a pregnancy test at the hand of alien scientists and the process was nothing but painful. She shared that an extra-large needle (about 6 inches long) was forcefully probed into her belly for this purpose. Furthermore, Barney’s dentures were a source of amusement for the unidentified beings.

As the news of this dreadful incident became public, inquiries by the Air Force and the government were initiated. This case also became a part of Project Blue Book that included in-depth reports and inquiry details of all the UFO related incidents that took place between 1952 and 1969.

Though this may not be the first incident of human abduction by aliens, this is surely the one that received immense popularity. After the details were published in a newspaper, they formed the basis of a book called The Interrupted Journey: Two Lost Hours Aboard a Flying Saucer. The extent of the public’s curiosity to know more about the Hills’ experience can be noticed by the fact that the above-mentioned book became a best-seller of its time.

What makes the Hills’ story different from those narrated by others who claimed to have experienced extraterrestrial interaction is that the rest of the encounters were always friendly. The Hills were the first report of a violent interaction with interplanetary beings. However, some believe that the couple’s story is fabricated or an outcome of hallucination or sleep paralysis.

A common problem with abductee-narrated stories is that there is no means of verifying them. One only has two choices; to believe the details shared or to reject them completely. It is not impossible that the story we discussed in this article and which helped form the plot of multiple books and movies might be untrue. Given the hectic routine of the Hills’, one might consider the possibility that stress caused a false memory to be created in their minds. Finding patterns or viewing objects that do not exist is a phenomenon that is referred to as patternicity. Since Barney also compared the head of grey-uniformed beings to Hitler, some psychologists put forward a possibility that the entire incident was a perception that was created due to some prior experience. They presented this view because they linked the comparison with Hitler to Barney’s past as he served as a vet during World War II.

However, certain facts support the authenticity of this incident. First being that the details and events shared by both Barney and Betty during individual hypnosis sessions had a great level of similarity which indicates that they might be telling the truth or else, there would have at least been a slight variation. Second, Betty reproduced a star map during her hypnosis which she claimed to have viewed on the spaceship. Imagination or fabrication of such a detailed item seems unlikely and hence it supports the idea that the couple’s experience might actually be true. Also, the Hills’ never deviated from their story in the following years despite criticism and manipulation attempts.

Whether the entire incident actually took place or not, is as questionable as the fact that the unidentified objects often located in our skies are UFOs or something else. Nothing can be said for sure without scientific evidence or proof and the Hills’ story, in particular, has no assessment criteria to prove its authenticity. Therefore, we leave the decision to believe it or not, to our readers. However, it has surely presented a different viewpoint that our researchers must not ignore and that is: aliens might not be friends but foes


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