“Do you believe in UFOs?”

Will a streak of bright light in the sky make you believe in UFOs? This question would have made sense if we were living in the 1900s. However, we are now in 2021 and if you ask this question today, people will stare at you in shock. Reason being, that after witnessing multiple incidents that had no other explanation, the majority started believing in UFOs to a certain extent.

Even if nothing else can be said for sure, people are certain about the existence of anonymous objects. These unidentified things are often located in the sky and sometimes resemble an aircraft while in other instances they look like a beam of bright light being emitted from flying objects. Possibilities are that these things are either UFOs or some other space objects. However, there is also a conspiracy theory which states that these objects are being operated by certain humans as part of a secret mission. As much as we try to reason out the existence of such objects, the matter keeps getting complicated.

One of such strange sightings took place in 2020, which stormed the news channels and social media platforms with videos, images, and tweets. A sharp streak of light was seen in the sky around 7:30 pm across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. This view was reported by a large number of people. A simple search on the internet about this incident will lead you to numerous tweets and videos showing meteor lighting.

As is the case with personal experiences and narrations, everyone who was a witness to this unusual view interpreted it differently. A resident of Mason reported that when he initially saw the light, it was fully bright and glowy but after half a second it tamed out. A news article from Springdale quoted someone comparing the light to a fire sparked in the air, which changed its color to blue before dying out.

Most people found the incident fascinating and considered themselves fortunate enough to have witnessed such a rare sight. This light was not only spotted in different states of the US but was also viewed in Ontario, Canada with a glow of similar intensity. Therefore, it is no surprise that on that day, Twitter was flooded with hashtags and news related to this strange view. People shared their opinion that varied from considering the light as a shooting star to calling it an asteroid.

Matt Bruning tweeted that the sighting was much brighter near Ohio. He also shared a video shot in Steubenville that showcased the flashing light.

The observatory of the state of Cincinnati said that the current sighting could be the result of Taurids Meteor Shower, which normally occurs after September.

NASA further explained about meteoroids, which are space objects that vary in size. They may be as small as dust particles or equal to asteroids. When they enter Earth at a high speed, they get burned, emit fire, and hence become visible. NASA elaborated that these bright meteors are rare in urban areas but quite a common sight in unpopulated locations like oceans and mountains.

The American Meteor Society, who was investigating the incident said that based on the available evidence, this particular sighting seemed to be a Southern Taurid. A Southern Taurid is an annual meteor shower, which is most intense during its peak time. The Taurids are full of fireballs, which travel in two separate showers and have Northern and Southern components. The one we saw was possibly a Southern Taurid.

Since this conclusion has been reached based on an investigation involving 700 reports from 15 different states, we use it as our concluding note to answer the mystery of bright light viewed in different parts of the United States and nearby countries in September, 2020.


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