We have seen in movies that people get frightened by the arrival of aliens… and quite honestly, they should be since the extraterrestrial beings in most fictional outlooks come to our planet with intentions of destroying it or taking it over.

However, it turns out that in reality, most of us aren’t concerned about aliens. A few years old NewYork Times report revealed that the Pentagon had been investigating the mysterious events in the sky for about five years and was met with a laid-back response from a majority of the people who came across the said report.

8 Reasons why its high time you start believing that Aliens are real

However, you should take the subject of aliens and the recent UFO sightings very seriously. Here are 8 reasons why:

1. Harry Reid Believes that No One is Taking UFO Reports Seriously

Having served as a Senate majority leader, Harry Reid has publicly stated that he is interested in finding more about the Ariel phenomena after interacting with Robert Bigelow (the founder of Bigelow Aerospace and Budget Suites) and being surprised by how many people have spotted mysterious flying objects in the air.

2. Presence of Evidence

When Steven Hirsh (photographer) requested the attendees of a UFO-convention, who had “interacted” with aliens, to draw and share their stories, people actually had quite realistic experiences to share.

3. The Obsession of Renowned Figures with Space/Cosmos

Whether you talk about Robert Bigelow whose childhood dream was to financially back his own space program, Elon Musk who is adamant about colonizing Mars, or Paul Allen who contributed millions of dollars to the SETI institute to discover more details about the cosmos, renowned figures might be up to something.

Not only the billionaires but even the prominent government and military personnel are quite interested in the said subject. The list of such personnel includes names such as Nick Pope, Barry Goldwater, Philip Corso, and John Podesta.

4. No Shortage of Notable Encounters

Throughout history, several UFO encounters have been reported. Some prominent examples include Barney and Betty Hill’s Abduction, The “Wow!” Signal, Phoenix Lights, and The Battle of Los Angeles. And the reported encounters didn’t stop 10 or more years ago. Tons of reported UFO incidents occurred in the last few years too.

5. The Government Considers this Matter to be Very Serious

With the recent confirmation pertaining to the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, it’s been proven that the government is putting in the effort to unearth more details about the mysterious aerial activities.

6. Humans have Come Up with Spicy Theories about Why the Aliens Are Taking their Time to Confront Us

Over the years, humans have formed different explanations when discussing why we haven’t heard from the aliens. While some of these theories suggest that aliens are still evolving or sleeping, others indicate that they died a long time ago.

7. We Don’t Get to Decide How Aliens Look and Act

When we think of aliens, the first thing that pops up in our mind is a creature that we have probably seen in a movie/cartoon/show who wants to abduct or kill us. However, it’s important to note that we don’t have all the answers and all we have been doing until now is “projecting”.

8. Scientists are Hopeful about the Possibility of Life Beyond Earth

Over the years, scientists and extraterrestrial researchers have discovered planets that are capable of sustaining life. The ones they are most confident about are:

  1. Proxima B
  2. TRAPPIST-1 System
  3. Ross 128 b
  4. LHS 1140b
  5. The Ocean Worlds (comprising Enceladus, Europa & Titan)
  6. Mars
  7. GJ 1214b


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